Vastu Shastra tips may transform your life for better!

Vastu Shastra tips may transform your life for better!

Vastu Shastra Tips: We often hear the term “Vastu” whenever some known person decides to construct or buy a house or commercial structure. Vastu Shastra has become very popular amongst young folks today for its amazingly fruitful results in life. 

It is beleved that Vastu complacent structures bring guaranteed prosperity and success in life! Let’s explore the significance and relevance of Vastu in our lives through this article.

Does Vastu Shastra really work?

Vastu Shastra holds great significance in our lives. Vastu is an ancient science of establishing balance and harmony in the energies prevalent inside a structure. The term “Vastu” has been derived from the divine figure- Vastu Purush. 

Vastu basically involves constructing a structure as per the appropriate directions while keeping in mind the colors, shapes, locations and aesthetics of different rooms or areas in a structure. An advanced Vastu course teaches to strike prosperity, peace, happiness and regular flow of positive cosmic energy into the surroundings of a structure to facilitate blissful living for its dwellers.


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How does Vastu Shastra work?

Vastu Shastra works on mathematical calculations based on different directions in any structure. Then, the Vastu expert utilizes this data to locate different rooms in the most appropriate manner as per the Vastu guidance. 

There are many vastu courses in India that teach basic and advanced concepts of vastu to its students. The calculations for the entrance and exit along with placement of decorative items, furniture placement, color selection and paint on walls are also determined. 

This procedure ensures effective wellbeing of the residents of the house. Vastu shastra implies a balance between the 5 natural elements i.e. Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether. Every element is related to a specific direction and if is perfectly coordinated with each other produces harmony in the surroundings. 

Thus, Vastu Shastra is essential for us to know how applied principles of Vastu Shastra render happiness, financial growth, peace, prosperity and fortunes to the natives’ lives. Vastu plays a key role while constructing a house keeping in mind different features like length, breadth, shape, size and location to maintain harmony through attracting positive cosmic energy. Vastu therefore is highly significant in life. 

Various benefits of Vastu Shastra

Stay in harmony with cosmic energy – Our surrounding put a significant impact on our body and well being when our surroundings are in tune with the cosmic energies, divine tend to bestow prosperity on us. 

Financial growth – Vastu principles help you attract abundant wealth or financial prosperity through grabbing opportunities coming your way due to proper alignment with the cosmos. Vastu shastra brings financial independence and financial growth in the lives of the residents of a Vastu complacent home. 

Remove obstacles in life- Vastu shastra tends to remove obstacles in life with its best remedial measures. Correct placement of things and rooms are sure to remove all kind of obstructions in your life. 

For e.g. choked drains may hamper smooth flow of work or articles belonging to a particular element if placed in inappropriate direction as per that particular element may bring sudden losses and failures in life. Vastu ensures removal of all kind of hurdles and smooth flow of work. 

Family happiness – A Vastu complacent home promotes better understanding in the family members. They feel relieved and light at home which fosters good mood and strong bonding amongst family members. 

Removal of stress and diseases- Today, the biggest cause of diseases is stress and Vastu complacent structures promote healthy environment in the surroundings so that negativity is eliminated completely. The members are less likely to fall ill and lead a stress free happy life.

Promotes academic growth of the children- The study rooms as per the Vastu guidelines promote great focus and growth in academic life of the kids in schools and colleges. 

The placement of the study table, color of walls, direction of sitting while studying and location of cupboards put a significant impact on academic achievements of the kids living in the house. Thus, it is very important to apply vastu principles to ensure academic growth of children.  


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General principles of Vastu:

  • Determination of directions and allow positive cosmic energy to seep in through the five elements.
  • Correct shapes and designs of different rooms and furniture of the house.
  • Aesthetics of the house should complement the Vastu principles. 

Significance of Vastu Shastra for your house

Till now, we know that a vastu complacent house may bring prosperity in every matter related to career, education, health, finance, marriage and others. With vastu principles you attract positive cosmic energy to enliven your living space with a perfect balance of five elements. 

Vastu Shastra also improves spiritual energy in the house so that you may live in perfect harmony with the five elements of nature delivering you peace and abundance. To maximize your wealth it is necessary to construct or buy a Vastu complacent house. The shape of the furniture is also important. 

For e.g. any furniture if kept in a triangular/circular shape may invite troubles while a square or rectangular shape promotes prosperity. Similarly, the furniture should always be placed an inch ahead of the wall and should not be glued to the wall. It ensures free flowing positivity throughout the home.

Significance of Vastu Shastra for commercial spaces

An office if constructed as per the Vastu principles affirms business growth and promotes productivity. A Vastu complacent house increases efficiency and determination amongst employees. 

They remain loaded with energy and enthusiasm to work efficiently. Vastu shastra reduces arguments and clashes amongst the workers and they work in harmony to give maximum productivity. Vastu tips are applied for office construction, placement of office furniture and color of walls. 

Vastu tips create positive environment around the workplace, setup of office, location and direction of various departments, the position of office desk and several other factors are considered to maintain dynamism and vibrancy in your office. 

Only a learned vastu consultant may guide which direction is appropriate for a particular department and for that one may also register for a Vastu consultant course to gain in-depth knowledge of the subject.

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