The Online Numerology Course by Future Point offers:

  • Learning Numerology by expert Numerologists in the field.
  • Extensive Study Material (PPT of entire course)
  • Hard Copy of Books to be sent by Post.
  • Online Live Classes on Zoom.
  • Recordings of all Classes.
  • Access to website to read all Books and Magazines.
  • Get LeoStar-I Professional Desktop Software for 3 Months(Worth Rs. 2000) absolutely Free.
  • Get LeoStar App Software for Android/IO for 6 Months(Worth Rs. 1000) absolutely Free.
  • 6 month membership of Future Samachar and Research Journal.
  • Course Certificate.

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Free Class Video

The courses are curated keeping in mind the practical application of vedic astrology in today’s age . Based on the requirements of new nomal life A.I.F.A.S is running only online classes in these times. The Vedic Astrology course Online would enable you to learn and master the most ancient science of future telling.Coveted as an esoteric knowledge, Vedic Astrology has found billions of admirers over the decades.We would request you to kindly go through your free class video.The classes will be conducted in similar manner.

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Zoom Course on Numerology Professional

(Last Day to Join)

No of Classes: 10 Classes | (Tuesday, Thursday )

Starting: 30th May 2023

Time: 08:00 PM - 09:30 PM

Fees: Rs. 9,999 | ($)200 for Outside India

Faculty: Acharya Deepika Taneja

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Zoom Course on Numerology Master

(14 Days Left to Join)

No of Classes: 10 Classes | (Thursday, Friday )

Starting: 13th June 2023

Time: 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM

Fees: Rs. 11,999 | ($)230 for Outside India

Faculty: Acharya Rrachita Gupta

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AIFAS Online Numerology Courses on Zoom

Ank Jyotishacharya or Online Numerology Course offered by Future Point has been curated with the sole aim of imparting the knowledge of numbers & the role they play in future telling. Through Online Numerology Course you will be able to build your own profile as a successful Numerologist in India. The course offers not just professional growth, but your own personal growth as well. You will be able to distinguish the different pattern in your life and of those near & dear to you in great detail.

What is Numerology?

Numbers are not just arithmetic entities that are used in mathematical operations. They are entities that have an enormously powerful occult dimension attached to them. The effects that numbers exert upon human beings are simply phenomenal.

Numerology is the branch of occult that deals with the effects of numerical entities upon us. The science of Numerology reveals the number/s that are both favourable as well as unfavourable to a person based on his/her personal Date of Birth.

Significance of Numerology

Each number from 1 to 9 is linked to a particular planet and vibrates on the same frequency as that of the planet with which it is linked. In other words, a number enhances the effects of the very planet with which it is linked to and creates a specific & very strong flow of a particular energy in the life of a person.

By incorporating the wisdom of Numerology, a person can harness the positive energy of a number/planet that is favorable to him/her and promotes growth, success & prosperity in his/her life. At the same time, Numerology also empowers a person to steer away from obstacles by identifying & avoiding the negative energy of a number/planet that is malefic for him/her.

Due to the amazingly effective & result oriented applications of Numerology, a large number of occult enthusiasts across the world today want to Learn Numerology. Plus, a Numerology Course offers the opportunity to carve out a highly rewarding career as a Professional Numerologist.

Numerology Courses from AIFAS

The All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies or AIFAS in association with Future Point offers an incredible opportunity to Learn Numerology Online. The Online Numerology Course by AIFAS is delivered by a highly talented teacher/instructor who has a complete mastery over all the theoretical concepts of Numerology. The instructor who delivers the Numerology Course Online at AIFAS is a highly experienced Professional Numerologist who has a long & successful track record of providing life changing Numerological Guidance to her clients all over the globe.

Curriculum of the Courses

The curriculum or syllabus of Numerology Courses offered by AIFAS is finalized after an extensive research & brainstorming carried out by highly experienced Numerologists.

Following are some of the topics that are a part of the curriculum:

  • Introduction to Numbers & How They Came Into Being
  • The Planets & Lords Assigned to Numbers
  • Master Numbers & Their Significance
  • Karmic Debt Numbers & Their Impact on Life
  • In-Depth Learning With Case Studies
  • Remedial Measures Through Number Knowledge

Systematic Levels of Learning

The Numerology instructor of AIFAS has carefully designed different levels of learning Numerology with the purpose of making the learning experience of a student as smooth & streamlined as possible. A student progresses gradually from one level of learning to another without feeling any academic burden and easily grasps all the theoretical concepts that are taught in the Numerology Classes Online at AIFAS as well as learns to successfully apply them on actual case studies in order to derive practical results.

A Certified Recognition

Every student is awarded a Certificate post successful completion of a level in which he/she was enrolled. This formal recognition by AIFAS adds an invaluable professional touch to the knowledge acquired by the student.

Become a Professional Numerologist

The Online Numerology Courses offered by AIFAS significantly help the students to successfully create an absolutely rewarding career for themselves as a Professional Numerologist.

Learning in Comfort

We urge you to enroll in the Numerology Courses offered via the online medium of instruction by AIFAS and learn the mystical science of Numerology from the comfort of your home!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I receive my study material?
  • Can I join more than one course simultaneously?
  • Yes. This is possible only if you opt for a different course. For example, if you have enrolled yourself in the Jyotish Ratna course, and you want to simultaneously learn another programme, you can opt for any other level of either Vastu, Palmistry, or Numerology, but this cannot be teamed up with any other level of Jyotish curriculum.

  • Will I have to buy the books for the course that I opt for?
  • No. All the study material would be provided by the chapter that you enrol yourself into. A separate list would also be provided for extra readings.

  • Whom should I contact in case of any query?
  • In case of any assistance regarding your course or anything related to it, you can reach out to your chapter. Alternatively, you can contact our AIFAS Headquarters through mail or our helpline number.

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