Instructions for Chapter Chairman

The course contents have been so designed that by holding classes twice a week(Saturday & Sundays) and two hours per day would suffice to complete the curriculum in span of 65 to 70 Hours in one semester.

Let us take the example of session Aug-Nov, 2004. The course commences on Sunday, the 1st Aug and ends on Sunday, the 28th Nov. This period contains 35 days of class-work, computing to 70 Hours of study. The chapter chairpersons may please ensure that the subjects of study are proportionately distributed amongst the faculty members in order to achieve the above time-table.

This scheduling shall apply both to University classes and AIFAS classes. Students are to be told about adherence to attendance percentage, failing which they will not be allowed to appear in the University examination.

Frequently Asked Questions (By the chapter)

Ques. 1. A student initially opts for University course, passes the Entrance test but retraces the decision to continue the University fixture. He wants to switch over to AIFAS schedule. Will the student be allowed to do so?

Ans. Yes, but no component of any fee paid by him or her would be refunded. All conditions rulling the AIFAS course have to be fulfilled.

Ques. 2. A student gets enrolled for AIFAS course but changes his mind to switch over to University course in the midstream. Will this be allowed?

Ans. No, the admission to University is an important initial step which has not been taken by student.

Ques. 3. Do we have to hold classes separately for M.A. and AIFAS courses?

Ans. No, the syllabus of M.A./M.Phil is same as for different AIFAS courses. So no separate classes are required. Tuition fee is also same for the two. Only the examination fee is extra for Mewar University.