Opening A Chapter

Agreement & conditions for opening a chapter.

  • You should have urge to spread the Vedic knowledge amongst the masses so that they can take advantage of our ancient Vedic treasure.
  • You should have contacts with good astrologers, vastu specialists, palmists and numerologists. If you know any of the subjects, it is highly preferred.
  • You should have space for 2 to 3 classrooms or you should have affiliation with any other school for space.
  • You should have managerial skills and be business minded. You have to advertise in your area and it takes time before teaching can give you returns.
  • New chapter registration fee is Rs 20000/- payable once, and renewal fee is Rs. 5,000/- payable every year for the Financial year from April to March.
  • Chapter Chairman will become a life member of the federation for which fee is Rs. 5,000/

Download Application form for opening a chapter.

AIFAS chapter Opening Details