Will you get good marks? Ask Astrology

Will you get good marks? Ask Astrology

A successful life depends hugely on good education! It is the prime most subject of concern for almost all the parents. Each of them wishes their kids to excel in academics. Parents always remain anxious to know about the education of their child. In this article, we have come up with valuable details that indicate bright education or higher studies for an individual.

Astrology certainly can predict about the prospects of education for a child. Whether the child will be studious? What will be his/her level of education? Will he/she pursue higher studies? Whether the child will go abroad for studies? These and many more can be answered through studying the child’s horoscope in detail. 

Important houses for Education in Astrology

Your education horoscope in Astrology gives all necessary details about your education. An astrologer studies the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 9th houses of your horoscope. Strength of the ascendant or Lagna lord also decides the level of education one will attain in life. 

    • 2nd house: It shows the supportive family environment and available resources for education. 
    • 4th house: It is the prime house of education.
    • 5th house: It is the house of your creativity and intelligence. 
    • 9th house: It is the house of higher education. 

Planets of Education

Jupiter, Mercury and Moon are considered important for education.

  • Jupiter – The planet depicts knowledge and wisdom. A strong Jupiter in horoscope gives great memory. Jupiter represents your mentors, teachers and books.
  • Mercury – The planet depicts intelligence and strong analytical skills. Strong Mercury blesses the native with quick response and grasping power. 
  • Moon – The planet depicts concentration of mind. An afflicted Moon makes it difficult to retain focus in studies.

If these three planets are strong in a horoscope then the native is blessed with high marks and good education in life. 

Making accurate predictions about Education in Astrology

For making accurate predictions about education of an individual, an astrologer closely checks the strength of house lords and houses of education. The karakas as mentioned above are also checked thoroughly to know about education of a person. 

  • Sight of malefic planets in the 4th house is not appreciated for good education. However, well placed Saturn in the fourth house shows great dedication in studies.
  • The strength of 4th lord matters a lot for good education if placed in 6-8-12 can cause interruptions in education.
  • Benefic association of planets like Jupiter, Mercury or Venus in the 4th house is considered extremely well for education.
  • Connection of 4th and 5th house or lords is excellent for high education. 
  • Jupiter placed in the first house gives best education. 
  • Benefic planets in quadrant or trines locations are highly auspicious for education.
  • The 4th lord in exaltation is also good for education.
  • Placement of 9th lord which signifies higher education in the 1st, 4th, 5th or 11th house is excellent for success in education.
  • Connection between 5th and 9th lord through nakshatra or otherwise is desired astrological combination for education.
  • If strong Lagna or 2nd Lord is positioned in the 5th house, the native will get good education.
  • A good astrologer should also consider the running Dasha and transit during the important years in education.
  • The dasha of the planets operating at the time when the child is studying in class 10 and intermediate levels decides the nature of education.
  • Any connection of dasha and anardasha lords with the 4th or 9th house gives good education.


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Branch of education as per planets

  • Sun gives education in Medicine, Science, Chemical, Light, Solar, Heat and Government etc.
  • Moon symbolizes marine engineering, catering and hotel management, HR, nursing, sales and marketing etc.
  • Mars gives education in the field of engineering, electric dept, research and technology, surgeon etc.
  • Mercury gives education in commerce, accounts, finance, astrology, mathematics, and statistics etc. 
  • Jupiter signifies philosophy, finance and languages etc. If it is connected to Sun then it indicates Biology, Micro-biology and Genetics etc.
  • Venus shows arts, entertainment industry, music, drama, chemicals, chemistry and perfume etc.
  • Saturn gives archeology, history and mythology etc. 
  • Rahu shows MBA, acting, aviation and law etc.
  • Ketu signifies mathematics, herbal medicine, accounts, occult etc.


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Most favorable period for studies

  • No matter how good planets or education yoga a child has, but favorable dasha and transit is required to gain complete results. If the child doesn’t get supportive dasha then planets don’t operate with full strength. Suppose, a child has extremely good yoga for education but the planet making yoga operates later in life in dasha period then the child doesn’t get full results of that yoga. 
  • Also if sadesati or dhaiya comes during important years of education then the marks and academic performance goes down.
  • Sometimes, dasha of trik lords operates during the important years of education in that case there is a possibility of break in education.
  • The Dasha period of the 5th, 9th and 11th Lord is considered highly beneficial for higher studies
  • Dasha period of Jupiter and Mercury is considered good for education. If Jupiter transits through the 1st, 5th or 9th house then the native gets boost in memory and thus academic performance.
  • Not just lagna but navamsha or D9 chart is also an important chart. We check strength of planets in navamsha chart. If a strong planet of D-1 chart is weak, debilitated or afflicted in navamsha chart then desired results are not expected.

In astrology, there are various charts for different purpose called divisional chart. To check true picture of education, a good astrologer analyzes D-24 chart which is a specific divisional chart for education. The planets and yogas in D-24 chart also bring fruitful results and are deeply analyzed to know exact results. A deep study of D-1, D-9 and D-24 chart give true academic picture of a child.


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