Learn Numerology from AIFAS & Become a Professional Numerologist

Learn Numerology from AIFAS & Become a Professional Numerologist

Numerology has fascinated people for centuries with its insights into personalities, relationships, and life paths based on numeric codes derived from names and birth dates. As interest in Numerology grows, there’s also a growing opportunity to become a professional numerologist. The All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies (AIFAS) offers comprehensive Numerology training to set you on this path. In this blog post, we’ll look at:

  • What AIFAS Numerology Training Entails?
  • Key Skills You Develop as a Numerologist
  • Services and Areas of Expertise for Professional Numerologists 
  • Why Get Certified in Numerology by AIFAS?
  • Steps to Become a Successful Numerologist through AIFAS

Let’s unfold the path to making Numerology a fulfilling and potentially lucrative career!

Comprehensive Numerology Training with AIFAS

The All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies is one of the leading certification institutes for occult sciences like Numerology, Astrology, Vastu and Tarot Card Reading.

Their Numerology certification program offers intensive training across core Numerology principles like:

  • Numerical values of letters and names
  • Calculating key numbers like Life Path, Expression, Soul Desire, etc  
  • Interpreting what key numbers reveal about personality, destiny, and compatibility
  • Compiling complete Numerology life, love, and destiny charts
  • Applying Numerology for career and financial guidance 
  • Providing remedial solutions using gem therapy, color therapy, etc.

You learn Numerology perspectives from both Eastern and Western traditions, integrating broad insights for modern life application. The recurring batch details are available on their website www.aifas.com

Key Skills You Develop as a Professional Numerologist

As you undertake AIFAS’s holistic Numerology training, you systematically build expertise vital for professional practice. Some key skills include:

  1. Chart compilation – From names and birth dates, you learn to calculate and compile comprehensive charts highlighting all major Numerology numbers for any individual. 
  2. Number interpretation – Discover what each number indicates about personality traits, deeper needs, emotional triggers, career interests, financial tendencies, etc. 
  3. Destiny analysis – Unravel long-term cycles affecting relationships, career shifts, family, and monetary patterns over the life path 
  4. Annual forecasts – Using current name numbers and ongoing planetary movements, provide yearly guidance for the next year or upcoming years on major aspects of life
  5. Compatibility analysis – Expertly evaluate relationships’ scope based on partners’ life path numbers, destiny numbers, compatibility percentage, etc.
  6. Career and finance guidance – Numerology cues for ideal job roles, businesses to undertake or avoid, profitable investment areas, etc. help clients align with their highest potential.
  7. Remedial measures – Suggest color therapy, gemstones, meditation routines, etc. suited to clients’ numbers for specific areas of life like love, health, and stability based on numerological wisdom.
  8. Counseling skills – Validate clients’ emotions, explore deeper root issues, coach mindset shifts and recovery from grief, loss or trauma through appropriate remedies.

With this extensive learning, an AIFAS certification equips you to step into full-time Numerology practice or integrate specializations like Astrology, Vastu, Tarot, and meditation therapy as a holistic consultant. Enroll in the Numerology Course offered by AIFAS to become a Professional Numerologist. 

Services and Areas of Expertise for Professional Numerologists

Whether starting your practice or working with corporations, media portals, or Astrology platforms, AIFAS’s certified numerologists offer specialized services that are much sought-after. Like:  

Personal Consultations - Conduct one-on-one readings addressing personality, relationships, careers, finances, inner healing, life purpose inquiries  

Custom Reports and ebooks - Prepare personalized profiles, compatibility reports, yearly planners, and decision-making guides on starting a venture, purchasing assets, planning a wedding, etc.

Workshops and Webinars - Online/offline events guiding beginners on Numerology basics, inherent talents, auspicious timings, love signals 

Articles and Columns - Share numerological insights on current issues, celebrity profiles/predictions, babies’ fortunes, event success rates 

Mobile Applications – Partner with app developers to create personal Numerology calculators, love meters, and daily horoscopes linked to birth numbers 

Corporate Services – Advise businesses on branding, product names, and launch dates based on numerological significance. Conduct leadership profiling, team compatibility assessment, and coaching. 

The most sought insights pertain to using numbers for - changing one’s name/spellings for luckier numbers; identifying auspicious timings for ceremonies, investments, or travel; selecting business names and domains to resonate with target markets; evaluating emotion-money balance and proactive destressing; understanding cycles affecting relationships and family; knowing compatibility signals in advance to avoid mismatch; career aptitude and forecasting; yearly guidance on profitable sectors for investors and decision-making.

Through AIFAS training, you gain the knowledge depth to cater to all the above scopes professionally.  

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Why Get Certified in Numerology by AIFAS?

With burgeoning public curiosity in Numerology, an AIFAS certification offers strong advantages if you’re keen to practice and promote this life-guiding science.

  1. Comprehensive syllabus aligned with international testing standards covering both basic and advanced systems
  2. Globally valid certification for credentialing as a numerologist 
  3. Practical learning model focused on client readings rather than just theory
  4. Option of learning other occult sciences like Astrology for integrated practice 
  5. Flexibility for part-time/full-time career while learning at your own pace
  6. Support for independent practice or tie-ups with corporates and merchandise companies
  7. Member access to the latest databases, content updation courses, discounts on affiliated services and continuous learning options

The priority at AIFAS is for learners to assimilate real-world applications of Numerology rather than academics alone. Their step-by-step teaching by seasoned faculty aims to transform curiosity into professional expertise.

Steps to Become a Successful Numerologist through AIFAS 

If Numerology resonates with your values and interests, AIFAS offers structured guidance to shift gears from dilettante to expert practitioner. 

Here are key milestones:

  1. Self-Evaluation – Reflect on your strengths like emotional intelligence, public speaking, counseling talents, etc. And check if this science aligns logically with how you view life events and people's behavioral patterns.
  2. Enroll for Core Numerology Certification – Sign up for the Level 1 course covering fundamentals needed for practice. Go for advanced learning thereafter.
  3. Consistent Application – Practice readings for friends and family. Participate actively in classroom discussions to clarify doubts. 
  4. Allied Learning – Pursue parallel courses in Astrology, meditation, or healing therapies for a multifaceted approach. 
  5. Business Foundations – Research your niche target market, design service packages and marketing collaterals, create your brand presence online/offline 
  6. Client Practice – Offer free/paid sample readings, highlight testimonials and client types as portfolio proof to establish credibility 
  7. Continuous Development – Stay upgraded through masterclasses, mentorship programs, error analysis for refined skills
  8. Expansion Options – Diversify into workshops, custom reports, columns, apps, and other in-demand services along with one-on-one consultancy for abundant income streams

The more you learn, practice, and promote your expertise confidently, the faster you gain recognition as a conversant guide empowering people’s life choices fruitfully.

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With AIFAS’s structured certification process, you can turn your affinity with numbers into a thriving profession that helps people discern their potential and pitfalls. Their robust curriculum, continuous learning access, and emphasis on practical consulting equip you to establish an impactful presence as a certified numerologist catering to modern needs. It begins with trusting your intuitive connection with Numerology and allowing structured guidance to hone this innate gift professionally.


What is the duration of the full Numerology course at AIFAS?

The complete professional Numerology certification course at AIFAS spans across 2 levels. We urge you to contact AIFAS to get more details.

What qualification does one need to enroll for AIFAS Numerology training?

Prior qualification is not mandatory. Beginners, amateurs, or enthusiasts who resonate intuitively with numerical interpretations can directly enroll in the course.

Are there additional subjects besides pure Numerology taught at AIFAS?

Yes, AIFAS offers learners an opportunity to learn other occult sciences like Astrology, Tarot, and Vastu.

Does one need to quit their current job to complete this course?

No, AIFAS allows learners to learn various occult sciences along with existing jobs or responsibilities while gaining expertise for career growth or transition. Numerology learning can serve as powerful self-development guidance along any career pathway. The emphasis is on the practical application of concepts and integrated learning for multifaceted services. Interested learners can visit www.aifas.com for details or write their queries to be addressed individually via call or email.

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