Learn Astrology from AIFAS & Become a Professional Astrologer

Learn Astrology from AIFAS & Become a Professional Astrologer

Have you always been fascinated by the stars and the mysteries of the universe? Do you enjoy interpreting how planetary positions and alignments impact human behavior and destiny? If so, you may have what it takes to become a professional astrologer. 

The All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies (AIFAS) offers comprehensive Astrology courses to help turn your passion into a career. With decades of experience training successful astrologers, AIFAS provides the skills and knowledge you need to read natal charts, make accurate predictions, and offer life-transforming consultations to clients.

We will cover the following in this article:

  • What is Astrology All About & Why Should One Consider Learning It?
  • Overview of AIFAS Astrology Certification Courses  
  • Key Skills You’ll Learn as a Student  
  • How to Decode Natal Charts Correctly?
  • Career Paths as a Professional Astrologer
  • Why Choose AIFAS for Your Astrology Training?
  • Respond to the Cosmic Message That’s Meant for You
  • Conclusion

So whether you’re taking your first steps in Astrology or looking to amplify your cosmic wisdom, read on to discover how AIFAS can launch you into a fulfilling vocation as a Professional Vedic Astrologer.

What is Astrology All About & Why Should One Consider Learning It?

Astrology or Vedic Astrology is an occult science that originated thousands of years ago in India. It uses the positions & movements of planets in the zodiac belt to decode the effects that these celestial bodies are casting on the life of a person.  It’s one of the oldest divinatory arts, used for thousands of years to guide important facets of life like career, finances, relationships, and more.

Unlike non-serious Astrology found in magazines and newspapers, Vedic Astrology looks at precise planetary placements and alignments to make accurate forecasts and determine auspicious timing. With ancient roots in Indian, Chinese, and Mesopotamian cultures, Vedic Astrology adopts a holistic, philosophical approach focused on karma and dharma.

Here are some key reasons why now is an ideal time to study the venerable art of Vedic Astrology:

  • Mainstream Interest is Growing: Astrology’s role in wellness and new-age spirituality makes it more popular than ever, creating career opportunities.
  • Provide Insights to Guide the Modern World: Astrological wisdom on harmony between mind, body, and universe is needed today.  
  • Consulting is a Recession-Proof Industry: Astrology consulting provides stable income regardless of economic conditions.
  • Broad Career Prospects: Astrologers can choose to teach, write, research, create art and jewelry, offer online services, and much more.

Whether to gain a deeper life understanding, build a purpose-driven career, or bring ancient wisdom into the modern world, studying Astrology through a well structured Astrology Course unlocks immense potential.

Overview of AIFAS Astrology Certification Courses

AIFAS offers comprehensive Vedic Astrology training through graded certification courses spanning from beginner to advanced levels.

Students gain theoretical knowledge and hone practical skills guided by expert faculty. Here’s an overview of the key topics covered:

Fundamentals of Astrology 

Learn core concepts like Zodiacs, planets, houses, aspects, chart interpretation, and more. 

Advance Principles 

Take a nuanced look at areas like yoga, dashes, transits, and Ashtakvarga along with lifestyle analysis.

Comprehensive Analysis 

Gain greater depth across all key branches of Vedic Astrology and the ability to tackle complex charts. 

Professional Practice 

Get specialized knowledge in areas like financial Astrology, gemology, and marriage matching to establish a professional practice.

The structured level-wise learning helps you build advanced expertise at your own pace via AIFAS’ flexible online model. Alongside recorded video lessons, live sessions with a renowned astrologer provide personalized mentoring. 

By completing assessments at each level, you’ll earn globally recognized AIFAS certificates to add credentials to your learnings. This clears the path to starting your astrological services practice.

Key Skills You’ll Learn as a Student

Here are some of the major abilities you’ll develop through AIFAS’ comprehensive Astrology training programs:

Analyzing Natal Charts: Plot precise birth charts and decode meanings based on planets, houses, zodiac signs, aspects, yogas, and divisional charts.

Prediction Techniques: Master dasha analysis, ashtakvarga, transits, and many advanced techniques to make accurate forecasts.

Consultation Skills: Learn to synthesize analysis into guidance on career, wealth, marriage, health, relationships, auspicious timing (muhurta), and more.

Horoscope Matching: Use compatibility analysis between birth charts across 36 gunas and other synastry measures for relationship or marriage-matching.

Remedial Measures: Suggest appropriate gemstones, rituals, mantras, and yantras based on the native’s chart to counteract malefic effects.

Software Skills: Get trained in leading Vedic Astrology software like LeoStar to create charts, analysis reports etc.

By learning this unique blend of traditional wisdom and practical know-how, you’ll gain the skills and credibility to establish a rewarding Astrology practice.

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How to Decode Natal Charts Correctly?

The starting point of any astrological consultation is creating and analyzing the subject’s accurate natal birth chart. 

Here are the key steps AIFAS training will equip you to follow to generate and decode natal charts like an expert Vedic astrologer:

  1. Gather Accurate Birth Details: Date, time, and place of birth establish the core planetary positions. Double-check data for precision.
  2. Plot the Rashi Chart: Use LeoStar Astrology software to construct the D1 Rashi Kundali showing ascendants, planets in 12 houses, and their relationships.
  3. Analyze the Panchanga: Assess the birth star, yoga, karana, tithi, vara, and other elements to cross-check chart strength. 
  4. Interpret Planetary Placements: Analyze the Rashi and Bhava placement of planets, nodes, and lagna to deduce core life themes.
  5. Evaluate Yogas: Scan for prime raja yogas, dhana yogas, arista yogas, and other key combinations that amplify planetary effects.
  6. Examine Dasha Periods: Determine Mahadasha and Antardasha timelines to predict the timing of key events. Assess favourability using Ashtakvarga binds.
  7. Consult Divisional Charts: Cross-reference other harmonic charts like navamsa and saptamsha to fine-tune analysis of specific realms like marriage and careers.
  8. Consider Transits & Progressions: Appraise current gochara (planetary transits) and solar arcs that trigger events based on natal promise.

By blending intuitive cosmic vision with structured analysis processes, professional Vedic Astrology training from AIFAS cultivates the expertise to accurately decipher what destiny has in store for every client.

Career Paths as a Professional Astrologer 

Receiving accredited training in Vedic Astrology opens doors to an enriching career that leverages your natural talents. Consulting with clients is the most popular route professional astrologers take.

Here are some of the rewarding career trajectories you can pursue:

Astrological Consultant: Offer natal chart readings, forecasts, and Muhurtha services to guide clients across life’s big decisions. Share wisdom through social media platforms. 

Columnist & Author: Publish books and articles in leading publications to grow readership and boost authority. 

Spiritual Guide: Use astrological insights on life purpose and spiritual growth to counsel seekers and students on the cosmic path.

Professor & Teacher: Design engaging Vedic Astrology courses or lectures on niche topics to share the torch of ancient wisdom with modern audiences.

Researcher: Dive deeper into classical texts and experiment with new techniques to push intellectual boundaries and write influential papers.  

Software Professional: Combine coding skills with astrological expertise to build advanced charting tools and apps.

Creative Careers: Express astrological themes through music, jewelry, visual arts, healing modalities like Yoga or Ayurveda, and more.

The intersection of Astrology with fields like psychology, philosophy, and astronomy further multiplies career possibilities for the enterprising professional willing to become a lifelong student of the cosmos.

Why Choose AIFAS for Your Astrology Training? 

With India’s rich history as the cradle of Vedic Astrology, AIFAS stands tall as a premier institute providing rigorous training programs and elite astrological services. 

Here’s what sets AIFAS in league above other options for mastering the sacred science of the stars:

Globally Esteemed Faculty: Learn from superstar astrologers like Dr. Arun Bansal, Dr. Tanvi Bansal, Shri Anil Jain and many more.

Structured Online Learning: Flexible video lessons make graded courses accessible for students across the world augmented by live group classes.  

Cutting-Edge Software Training: Master-acclaimed tools like LeoStar Professional are used by elite Indian astrologers.

Holistic Ethos: Training emphasizes using Astrology to foster individual and collective well-being by aligning with natural cosmic rhythms.   

By the mission's end, AIFAS graduates become torchbearers of a renaissance to reintegrate ancient astrological wisdom within modern lifestyles.

Respond to the Cosmic Message That’s Meant for You

The sacred science of Astrology offers a profound superpower – the ability to decipher destinies written in the stars. And leading institute AIFAS provides the most luminary training pathway to unleash your innate talents as a Professional Vedic Astrologer.

Whether you wish to be a soothsayer of the soul, cosmic career counselor, or spiritual guide, AIFAS has a course to spark your astro journey. 

So why wait? Enroll now and plug into profound cosmic wisdom to guide your life and others to fulfill their highest celestial purpose!


Through AIFAS’s unparalleled Astrology training programs rooted in both traditional knowledge and contemporary skills, you can transform a passion for the stars into a meaningful vocation as a Professional Vedic Astrologer. Guided by globally renowned experts, now is the time to invest in developing expertise as a life guide empowered by the profound insights Astrology offers into the mysterious realms of destiny written in the everlasting dance of the cosmos.

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