Get married soon with Lal Kitab Remedies

Get married soon with Lal Kitab Remedies

Marriage is a union of two souls and is an essential part of human existence. As it is said that marriages are made in heaven, this proverb affirms the presence of a divine element to this widely accepted social phenomena of life. When two people are married they just don’t share a bond of love but some divinity is also attached to it that have brought these two together in this birth. 

The science of astrology confirms that our present astrological charts are the depiction of our past lives or karmas that we are carrying forward in this life. The union of two humans also unite their horoscopes and planets in one’s birth chart influence the events in the life of the spouse. These planets are responsible for the timely occurrence or delay of marriage too. 

Many girls & boys awaiting marriage face the issue of delayed marriage or even married once face separation or divorce. Why these uncertainties? The answer lies in the position of planets in our horoscope. It is certain that planets & their placements lead to specific kinds of yogas- the good one and Doshas- bad ones in the chart. The marriage yogas so present ensure timely and happy marriage whereas doshas may cause impediments in the way of marriage.

As per the ancient astrological wisdom, 7th house in the horoscope of a native determines prospects related to his/her marriage. In particular, planets Jupiter, Venus & Mercury have a strong say in the matters of marriage, love & relationships. Hence, native & their parents should Talk to astrologer to know about the position of the planets & doshas if any. This will help them to do timely & appropriate astrological remedies to avoid delay in marriage.

As per Hindu traditions & vedic astrology, compatibility between a girl & boy needs to be checked through their birth charts. This is commonly known as kundli matching. Online kundli is in trend these days and one can get a fair idea of his chart from the comfort of his home. 

Kundli matching tells how an association will be in future. Thus, the determined compatibility is crucial for a stress free and smooth married life. However, some natives don’t get a suitable match, their astrological placements of the planets to be blamed for this delay. Some of the effective remedies for early marriage have been numerated in this article which may help a person to overcome a delay in marriage & move forward. 

There are certain combinations of the planets that result in delay and denial of marriage. Everyone wants to marry at an appropriate age as any delays result in aggravating issues like child birth etc as they get late so even they get children later in life and lack their proper upbringing due to old age. In fact they may even die before their children get mature enough. In astrology, particularly in Lal Kitab there are certain remedies that help in getting married at an early age.

Talk to Love astrologer to gain better understanding between the partners. 

Reasons for delay:

Often, a yoga or dosha present in the chart causes delay in a marriage of a person. Despite of performing lots of yagnas and remedies, the natives don’t experience any significant results. Just like a correct diagnosis is important before taking any medicine similarly a careful analysis of the chart is important before doing any kind of remedies. One should talk to astrologer to find out the possible reasons of delay in his marriage. These are the few combinations and yogas that result in delay in one’s marriage:

  • Seventh house is the house of marriage in astrology and any malefic associations with the same may cause delay in marriage. It may have Saturn placed in it causing delays as Saturn is a slow planet causing delays.
  • A conjunction of the Sun with Rahu in a horoscope can delay one's marriage, especially if associated with the houses of marriage.
  • Mars and Rahu conjunction either in the 7th house or even if they aspect the 7th lord.
  • If there is an exchange of the lords of the 7th and 8th houses in a horoscope viz. if the 7th lord is in the 8th house and the 8th lord is in the 7th house then there is a possibility of delay in marriage.
  • In the male chart, if there is a conjunction of Saturn and Moon called vish yoga, then usually many obstacles responsible for late marriage in the horoscope can be seen.
  • In a birth chart, if the ascendant, ascendant lord, 7th house and the 7th lord are under malefic influence then also it is a reason of delay in marriage.
  • The presence of the Mangal Dosha in a kundli usually delays one's marriage. This dosha is formed due to the placement of Mars in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th houses. Some also add the 2nd house on this list.
  • The Mangal or Manglik dosha must be checked from sun lagna, moon lagna and janm lagna. Some also advocate checking it by taking venus as ascendant too. If it is present in any two of these lagnas then this is a strong Manglik Yoga.

Lal Kitab

One of teh branches of vedic astrology, Lal Kitab advocates various remedies required to overcome different challenges and threats of life. It is a set of five books. A kundali is also made as per the principles of Lal Kitab called Lal Kitab Kundli which suggests the possible remedies for a specific time period. The placements and associations of the planets have to be carefully analysed before prescribing any remedies. 

Talk to India’s best astrologers to get your Lal Kitab kundli.

Its remedies are different as those of the vedic remedies and are sometimes called Lal Kitab totkas. The remedies given by it are simple to perform, affordable and less time consuming.

Mainly three planets – Mars, Mercury and Moon are responsible for marriage related problems and delays. So, most of the remedies are based on rectifying their evil effects only. Afflictions to the moon cause lack of emotional attachment between the couple. Mars causes misunderstandings and differences in lifestyles of the couple. Mars is also responsible for a negative professional competition between the couple.

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  • Immerse turmeric or haldi in the bathing water to remove hurdles in getting married. After bath also apply haldi tika at your forehead.
  • Consuming sweets with your spouse on Tuesdays will decrease the malefic effect of these planets.
  • Girls should always wear new clothes when meeting the boy and his family formally for marriage purpose.
  • Offer green grass or spinach to a cow and give money to eunuchs every Wednesday.
  • Go to the mehndi ceremony of any new bride and groom and apply a bit of it to your hand in order get married soon.
  • When the boy or girl go to the place where marriage talks are going on, they should remove the slippers outside the room.
  • If a girl wishes to get married, she should keep fasts for 16 Mondays and offer water to shiv linga.
  • Offer red duppatta, red bangles, and sindoor to Lord Shiva and Parvati.
  • Another effective remedy for materializing marriage includes 3 steps. In the first step  starting from the first Thursday of Waxing Moon, take two coins – one silver coin and one rupee coin to offer it to a Peepal tree. Bury these coins near the peepal tree and leave the tool there and pray for a smooth marriage. 
  • As the second step, on the coming Saturday, take some sweet water and one lamp of wheat with mustard oil in it and visit the same peepal tree. Pray with folded hands again and light the lamp in front of it.
  • Final step is to be done on coming Wednesday, where you offer one coconut and revolve around you seven times and give it to a sweeper along with some coins. Here it ends and blesses the native with a smooth married life.
  • Offering sweets & cosmetics to little girls on Thursdays will bring a positive impact on a person’s natal planets.
  • A person can pour sacred water on Shivling daily to get the desired result.
  • Worshipping lord Shiva & Parvati together is very auspicious and cures obstacles in marriage.
  • Boys seeking timely marriage should worship Lord Ganesha for blessings; this is an effective remedy.
  • One should offer 5 Laddoos on Thursdays in Vishnu Lakshmi temple & pray to get married at the earliest.
  • Girls seeing timely marriage should wear a Gauri Shankar Rudraksha tied in a red colored thread on Monday.
  • In order to accelerate the process of getting a perfect match, one can also keep a photo of Lord Shiva & Parvati together under the pillow or mattress.
  • One can attain the desired result by wearing red-coloured clothes on every Thursday religiously.
  • To end delays in marriage, bring a root of a banana tree during auspicious muhurat & worship. After the worship, wrap the root in a yellow cloth and tie it to your body.

Effective mantras for chanting

Given below are few effective and powerful mantras need to be recited to remove marriage related obstacles:

    • Girls can recite the below-mentioned mantra to cure the delay in marriage. This mantra needs to be recited 108 times a day sitting in the east facing position.
      !! OmNamoBhagwateRukminiVallaabhayeSwaha!!
    • Boys can recite the given mantra 108 times daily to achieve the desired result following the same conditions as prescribed for the girl. “PatniManormaDehiManovaratanusarinim!TariniDurgsansarsagrasayaKulodbhawam !!”
  • A person seeking timely marriage can chant the below Durga Saptashimatra 108 times & perform aarti seven times with a utensil of copper filled with water.
    “Ya Devi sarvabhuteshi ma Gaurirupensamsihita
  • One should worship Vishnu Idol on a Thursday & chant the below mantra at least three times. Also, avoiding salt on this day is advisable.
    “Om BrhumBrhaspataye Namah”
    • Anybody between the age of 36-40 needs to offer 108 bel patra leaves with milk & water to Shivalinga on Monday while reciting “Om Namah Shivaya”.
  • The person should wear yellow colored clothes on every Thursday without fail. Also, for 9 Thursdays offering milk and water to Shivalinga with chant f the mantra “Om Parvatipataye Namah”.


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