How many points should match in Kundali for a Happy Marriage

How many points should match in Kundali for a Happy Marriage

Marriage- the most auspicious event in one’s life through which a couple enters an entirely different phase of life. Our Hindu traditions advocate that a marriage is not just a union of bodies but souls.  Thus this is absolutely not something which can be taken lightly and rushed into just like that. 

In India this holy bond of marriage is established only after Kundali Milan or horoscope matching of the bride and groom so as to affirm a compatible and prosperous married life. 

It is believed that after marriage, the position of the planets of both the partners affect each other, it’s quite like merging of their Kundalis and of course the life events. It itself boasts about the importance of analysing their individual horoscopes for them taken as a couple and as a separate entity too. 

The Vedic astrology relies on kundali matching to check the compatibility factor for a couple. The matching has 8 sub heads known as Kootas, they further have 36 Gunas which an astrologer has to match for the boy and the girl. This process of horoscope matching s called Ashta Koota Milan.


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Ashta Koota Milan


This widely used method of matching horoscopes comprises eight tests in it each checking particular aspect required for a happy married life. This is also known by the name of ‘Gunn Milan’.

There are 36 gunas or points in total and the horoscopes are analysed under 8 heads as mentioned to secure points out of these 36 points. These gunas or points so obtained decide whether the match is appropriate or not. In turn each of these eight kootas has been weighed differently carrying varied scores. A brief detail of these heads have been described further in this article. 

The position of the Moon in the respective horoscopes is of utmost importance. The basis of most of the tests of the Ashta Koota Milan is the placement and concerned associations of the moon. The higher the compatibility in their moon signs higher is the chances of a prosperous married life.


Some important points in Ashta Koot Matching


However the ashta koot system of matching has a universal approach but still it has some variants based on regional differences. The system slightly differs in terms of the calculation of the points in the North India and South India. Different astrologers across the country too might adopt different parameters giving varied scores. Some of the different kinds of matching in addition to Ashta Koota Milan are Mahendra Koota,Veda Koota, Deergha Koota and Rajju Koota.


Ashtakoota is not just to assess the compatibility between the partners!!


The process of Kundali Milan not just focuses on checking the compatibility of two individuals but it covers multiple areas of a marriage. If we say it is to check the compatibility only then it would rather be a misconception in that sense. It is far more than just this single aspect. It is a complete Kundali for marriage covering all major aspects of life.

This analyzes their overall personalities, behaviour, nature, preferences, status, family inclinations as well their emotional sides. It also analyzes the vulnerability they may be open to along with their sexual intimacy or desires. Moreover, matching also sees how their merged Kundali will affect the health of either of them. It also considers their financial compatibility and the luck they can bring forth as a couple together. It also checks the horoscopes at their career or commercial forefront. From their behavioural compatibility to their status compatibility, a careful Kundali match considers everything and surely becomes a manual towards a harmonious life together.

Talk to an astrologer for better understanding of the system of Kundali Milan.  


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Different tests of Ashta Koota Milan


Eight categories have been listed out in the Vedic astrology under the system of Ashta Koota Matching of horoscopes. Each head contains a set of guidelines laid down for passing the particular test. Scores are given and noted down for each of these compatibility tests. The final score is obtained by consolidating the points secured under different heads or categories. However this should be done by the best astrologer to avoid any hiccups further. These different categories are explained as below:

Varna Milan

In ancient times there were 4 varnas based on the community they were born in. The same concept is also used here but in a different manner. There are four Varnas or Jatis namely Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra in the descending order of their superiority. For getting a good compatibility score, the groom’s varna must be equal or at least one point superior to that of the bride. If not so, then the Varnas of the bride and groom are considered incompatible.

Vashya Milan

Vashya Milan signifies the power of one partner to influence the other. This checks the level of dominance on among them as in who will dominate whom? The five types of classification are: human (manushya), wild animals (Vanchar), animals (chatushpad), water animals (Jalchar) and insects (Keet). Here one category is bhakshya i.e. consumable to the other. The compatibility score is 2 when bride and groom both belong to the same category, zero when one is bhakshyaito the other and ½ point for other vashya combinations. 

Tara Milan

This compatibility is based on the birth stars of the boy and the girl. Vedic astrology talks about 27 nakshatras or birth stars. The birth star of the girl is counted from that of the boy and the resultant number is divided by nine. In the same way a score is obtained by counting from the boy’s janma nakshatra to the girl’s janma nakshatra. If the remainders obtained through both is even, the compatibility score is 3 and zero if it’s odd and 1.5 points if one of them is even or odd.

Yoni Milan

This reveals the sexual compatibility of the couple. The yoni koota has 14 classifications named on animals as Horse, Elephant, Sheep, Snake, Dog, Cat, Rat, Cow, Buffalo, Tiger, Deer, Monkey, Lion and Mongoose. If the bride and groom belong to the category of the same animal, 4 points are given, zero points if category is of enemies, friendly animals get 3 points, 2 points are given for neutral animals and non-related animals get 1 point.

Rashi Milan 

The Rashi Milan tells about the moon signs compatibility of the prospective couple. The Moon sign Lords are checked for friends, neutral or enemy categories. Five points are given for friendly zodiac signs, 4 points for one neutral and one friend and zero points if they are enemies.

Gana Milan

This head is for checking the temperaments of the bride and groom. Three categories of Ganas are Deva (gods), manav (humans) and rakshasas (demons). 8 points are given if the bride and groom belong to the same category or gana, 1 point for others and zero points for manav and rakshasa.


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Bhakoot Milan

The basis of calculation under this category is the position of the moon in each of the horoscopes. This particularly checks the understanding level and love compatibility between them. We count from the moon sign of one to the moon sign of other. It is considered as:

  • Auspicious: 1/1, 1/7, 3/11, 4/10
  • Inauspicious: 2/12, 5/9, 6/8

If it lies in the auspicious category then 7 points are given otherwise no point is given. If it lies in the inauspicious category then Bhakoot Dosha is said to occur and the match is not preferable.

Nadi Milan

Nadi testing is done to ensure that they are genetically compatible to produce healthy kids. Traditionally, giving birth to children was the main purpose of a marriage as to further the family lineage. This test gets a maximum score of 8 points, the highest in ashtkoota milan tests.

The three nadis are Vata (air), Pitta (bile) and kappa (phlegm). This test has a simple rule that the boy and the girl should not have the same nadi. If they belong to different Nadis, then 8 points are given else it’s no point if they both have the same nadi.


Required points for an auspicious match:


The compatibility score has following results:

Below 18 points- A match with a score less than 18 is considered an inauspicious match. It is often advised to reconsider the marriage proposal. Or they are advised to perform astrological remedies to compensate the low score so obtained.

18 to 24 points- This score indicates a satisfactory match and the marriage proposal can be opted for a good marital bond. 

24 to 32 points- A match with such high points is of course can be sought for without a second thought. It is supposed to be a blissful marriage. 

32 to 36 points- As the score suggests this match is termed the most auspicious and promises a highly satisfying and happy married life.


Ashtkoota Milan - A primary but not the final tool to decide the fate of a marriage.


However, even if one has got high scores in Kundali Milan but still it doesn’t assure a trouble free married life. Though Kundali matching is an imperative part of Vedic astrology but this is just a primary tool to check the compatibility of a couple. 

There are many other aspects like individual placements of the planets in their respective charts or presence of other good and bad yogas. Not just this in fact transit too plays a very important role in deciding the delay, denial or early marriage. 

A successful marriage can only be predicted after a careful and detailed analysis of a horoscope done by an experienced astrologer. So, one should consult an astrologer before jumping on the decision based on mere matching of horoscopes. With the advancement in technology, one can easily procure an online kundali and take print out of the same for the future reference.


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