Analyzing Horoscopes with Leostar

Analyzing Horoscopes with Leostar's Teva Software

Leostar Teva is an advanced module designed specifically for Vedic Astrologers practicing the Parashari system of Teva. As invaluable Astrology Software for the Teva methodology of prediction, it integrates the power of divisional charts and complex astrological principles.

Harnessing the Precision of Teva through Leostar

Teva Jyotish relies on analyzing the subtle planetary strengths and influences indicated across 120 ‘Varga or divisional charts. Born from Sage Parashara's teachings, Teva provides predictive insights not visible in the main birth chart.

However, manually computing so many divisional charts and assessing planetary relationships across them is an extremely laborious process. This is where Leostar's state-of-the-art Teva Software becomes indispensable.

Leostar Teva automates the creation of the D60, D30, D20, D9 and other Varga charts for any birth details entered. The software instantly applies advanced Teva principles to reveal outstanding and debilitated planets based on the varga positions.

It also checks for Argala and obstruction between planets, along with many other things. Leostar Teva identifies Rajyoga and Dhanyoga combinations for wealth and power using the Varga. Dashas of strong and weak planets are also clearly shown.

By automating Teva analysis, Leostar Teva saves hours of manual effort. Astrologers can instantly generate rich predictive insights from the Teva system.


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Key Features of Leostar Teva Software

Let us explore some of the main features that make Leostar Teva invaluable for any Jyotishi practicing the Teva system of predictions:

120 Divisional Charts

At the core of its Teva analysis, Leostar allows generating and assessing the 120 varga charts spanning D1 to D120. The charts are displayed in an easy-to-navigate tabular format.

Identifying Strong and Weak Planets

The software highlights strong and weak planets based on the divisional positions. Planets gaining directional strength in prime trines and Kendras are shown clearly.

Varga Padas and Sankhya Padas

Leostar Teva reveals if planets are occupying their own or exalted Varga Padas. It also shows Sankhya padas and if planets are placed favorably in Sthana Padas.

Varga Relationships between Planets

The associations and special planetary relationships between two planets across Vargas are revealed through powerful tools like Sarvashtakvarga.

Argala and Obstruction Analysis

The software analyzes Argala and obstructive influences between planets through divisional positions. It also shows if Argala is nullified or afflicted in any way.

Ashtakvarga Tables and Scores

Leostar Teva generates detailed annual and monthly Ashtakvarga tables. It interprets the benefic and malefic score totals gained from these tables.

Dasha Predictions

Accurate Vimshottari and other dasha periods of planets are given. Dasha predictions are provided based on the planetary strengths in Vargas.

Multiple Teva Chart Options

The software can generate Teva charts in North and South Indian formats. Additional options like Bhava degree charts and Navamsa degree view are available.


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Key Benefits of Using Leostar Teva

Leostar Teva becomes an indispensable ally for any Jyotishi looking to practice the Parashari system. Some of the major benefits offered are:

Precision - The software ensures tremendous accuracy in generating and analyzing the myriad divisional charts which is humanly impossible.

Instant Insights - Teva predictions that would take hours manually can be assessed within minutes using Leostar Teva.

Deeper Knowledge - The software gives a concrete grasp of abstract concepts like Varga Padas, Argala, Sankhya Padas etc. through demonstrations.

Enhanced Credibility - By offering such detailed, Varga-based insights, astrologers gain more credibility and trust.

Ease of Learning - Budding astrologers can learn and experiment extensively with different features and charts to master Teva.

User-Friendly - Despite the complexity, Leostar Teva makes accessing Teva principles easy through its organized interface.

Time Saving - Automatic charting and analysis leaves more time for astrologers to focus on advice and recommendations for clients.

Versatility - The software enables studying the effects of Teva principles across various areas like health, marriages, wealth, education etc.

Leostar Teva for Ashtakvarga Analysis

In addition to the Parashari principles, Leostar Teva proves invaluable in accurately generating and interpreting Ashtakvarga predictions.

The software automatically computes annual, monthly, half-yearly and quarterly Ashtakvarga tables for any given birth details. The benefic and malefic ‘Bindus gained by each planet in each rashi are clearly shown.

Leostar Teva interprets the total Bindu scores gained by planets in signs occupied and aspected. The saturation levels offered by the rashi positions to the planets are revealed through the Ashtakvarga tables.

The software also identifies strong rashi positions for planets based on high Bindu totals and analyzes transit impacts through Ashtakvarga. This makes Ashtakvarga predictions for any sphere extremely easy.


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In summary, Leostar Teva provides a sophisticated software solution for easily accessing the precision of Teva Astrology. While Teva Jyotish offers unparalleled accuracy, its complexity limits its usage among astrologers.

Leostar Teva bridges this gap through automation and intelligent computing. The software minimizes effort and maximizes predictive insights from Teva for practicing astrologers. It makes a monumental ancient methodology viable for modern application by Jyotishis.

So what are you waiting for?

Get Leostar Tevan from Future Point and take your astro-analysis to a whole new level of precision & accuracy!

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