Numerology Course in India from AIFAS – The Science, Its Use, Skills & Benefits

Numerology Course in India from AIFAS – The Science, Its Use, Skills & Benefits

Numerology, a science that can disclose various aspects of life, has a profound history in India where it is highly valued. With its origins tracing back to ancient civilizations, Numerology has evolved over time, incorporating scientific principles to help individuals understand themselves better and make informed decisions. We will explore Numerology in this article, uncover the science that supports it, and demonstrate how to use Numerology for your advantage. You will also learn about the Numerology Courses by AIFAS (All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies) that can teach you the skills to become an adept numerologist.


India is a land rich in cultural traditions and spiritual practices. Numerology, an ancient science that studies the mystical properties of numbers, has been an integral part of Indian culture for centuries. It provides a unique perspective on human characteristics, personality traits, and life events by decoding the results of the vibrations that numbers as entities cast upon us. Numerology has gained immense popularity not only among individuals seeking self-discovery but also among professionals who offer guidance and predictions based on numerological calculations.

What is Numerology?

At its core, Numerology is the belief that numbers hold a significant influence over our lives. It is based on the premise that every number carries a distinct vibration, and these vibrations affect individuals in different ways. Numerologists analyze numbers derived from birth dates, names, and other significant life events to uncover hidden patterns and gain a deeper understanding of one's personality, strengths, weaknesses, and life path.

The study of Numerology involves assigning numerical values to letters of the alphabet and combining them to derive specific numbers. These numbers hold symbolic meanings and can reveal important insights into various aspects of life, including relationships, career paths, and personal growth.

Science behind Numerology

Numerology may appear mystical, but it is firmly rooted in the science of vibrations. Just as sound waves create different frequencies and vibrations, numbers emit distinct vibrations that can influence our lives. The frequencies emitted by numbers are believed to interact with the vibrations of the universe, shaping our experiences and characteristics.

Scientific studies have explored the concept of vibrations and their impact on individuals. Research has shown that certain frequencies can have psychological and physiological effects. Numerology leverages this understanding by associating specific vibrations with each number, allowing individuals to gain insights into themselves and their surroundings.


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How to Use Numerology

Using Numerology effectively involves understanding how to calculate and interpret the most significant number in Numerology: the Life Path Number. This number is derived from an individual's birth date and provides valuable information about his/her personality, talents, and life’s purpose.

In order to derive the Life Path Number, one needs to add all the digits in a date of birth and reduce the total to a single digit. Suppose someone has a date of birth of May 15, 1985. The calculation would be done as follows:

1+ 5 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 34

3 + 4 = 7

In this case, the Life Path Number is 7. After calculation, the Life Path Number can be interpreted to gain valuable insights into different facets of life, including career choices, relationships, and personal development.

Benefits of Numerology

Numerology offers a plethora of benefits for individuals seeking self-awareness and personal growth. By comprehending the numerical vibrations connected to their birth date and name, individuals can acquire valuable insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and inherent talents.

Knowing one's strengths allows for a focused approach toward personal and professional goals. Numerology helps individuals identify their unique characteristics and provides guidance on leveraging those strengths to achieve success.

Additionally, Numerology assists in recognizing and addressing weaknesses. By understanding areas that may require improvement, individuals can work towards personal growth and develop strategies to overcome challenges.


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Numerology Courses in India

AIFAS, the All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies, offers comprehensive Numerology courses for individuals interested in mastering this ancient science. You will learn numerological calculations, interpretations, and the use of Numerology in daily life from these courses.

The best thing about the Numerology courses offered by AIFAS is that the syllabi of these courses are formulated after performing a great deal of research & brainstorming by many professionals who are practicing Numerology for years & years. The curriculum covers topics such as Numerology calculations, analyzing birth dates and names, and providing accurate predictions and guidance based on numerological principles. The instructors of the courses are experienced and bring their knowledge and expertise to the learners.

Skills Learned in Numerology Courses

By enrolling in Numerology courses offered by AIFAS, students acquire a range of skills that enable them to become proficient numerologists. These skills include:

Deciphering the Numbers: Students acquire the knowledge and skills to calculate and interpret diverse numbers, including Life Path Numbers, Destiny Numbers, and Expression Numbers.

Analysis of Birth Dates and Names: A comprehensive understanding of how birth dates and names contribute to an individual's numerological profile is developed. Students learn how to analyze and derive meaningful insights from these factors.

Providing Guidance and Predictions: Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to offer guidance and predictions based on numerological principles. They learn how to support individuals in making well-informed decisions and choices across various aspects of life.

Career Opportunities in Numerology

Numerology opens up exciting career opportunities for individuals passionate about helping others through the power of numbers. Graduates of Numerology courses can pursue the following career paths:

Professional Numerologist: As a numerologist, individuals can establish their practice and offer personalized Numerology consultations to clients. They provide insights, guidance, and predictions based on numerological calculations.

Astrologer or Psychic: Numerology complements other occult practices, such as Astrology. By combining Numerology with Astrology or psychic abilities, individuals can offer comprehensive readings and consultations to clients.

Self-Employment and Consultancy: Armed with numerological expertise, individuals can start their consultancy businesses. They can provide guidance and numerological insights to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Testimonials from Students

Numerology courses offered by AIFAS have positively impacted the lives of numerous students. Below are some testimonials that showcase their experiences:

"Enrolling in the Numerology course at AIFAS was a life-changing decision. It helped me understand my true potential and provided clarity in making important life decisions." - Priya S.

"The Numerology course not only enhanced my knowledge but also boosted my confidence in providing accurate numerological readings. It's been a rewarding journey." - Rajesh K.

"Thanks to AIFAS, I discovered my passion for Numerology. The course was comprehensive and well-structured, allowing me to gain valuable skills that I now use to help others." - Nidhi R.


Numerology, a fascinating science with its roots deeply embedded in Indian culture, offers valuable insights into various aspects of life. By comprehending the significance of numbers and their vibrations, individuals can attain a profound understanding of themselves and the paths they walk in life. AIFAS provides comprehensive Numerology Courses that equip students with the skills necessary to become proficient numerologists. By joining these courses, individuals can explore themselves and acquire the expertise to support others on their journeys.


Can anyone learn Numerology, or is it only for experts?

Numerology is accessible to anyone interested in understanding themselves better and exploring the influence of numbers in their lives. Anyone with the appropriate guidance and a willingness to learn can grasp the fundamentals of Numerology.

Is Numerology a reliable method for making important life decisions?

Numerology is an occult science that has been in practice for centuries simply because of its sheer effectiveness in showing the best suitable path for making key decisions in life. 

How long does it take to complete a Numerology course?

The duration of a Numerology course can vary based on the program and the level of study, typically ranging from a few weeks to a few months. AIFAS offers courses with flexible timings to accommodate different schedules.

Are Numerology courses available online?

Yes, AIFAS provides Numerology courses in an online format. To learn the incredibly beneficial occult science of Numerology, all that's needed is a stable internet connection and one can learn Numerology from the comfort of his/her home.

Is Numerology capable of accurately predicting the future?

Numerology provides insights into an individual's characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, offering a perspective on potential outcomes. However, Numerology is now not the solely element that influences the future. There are many different elements as well. Numerology should be regarded as a tool for self-awareness rather than a technique to anticipate the future with absolute certainty.

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