10 Porutham for a blessed married life

10 Porutham for a blessed married life

It is quite common to follow the process of kundli matching of bride and groom, before saying yes, to a marriage in India. Almost all parents match the kundlis of their children with their prospective partner in order to ensure a happy married life for their children. In Vedic Astrology, our ancient scholars have devised methods to find out about the compatibility of a couple based on Poruthams or Kutams

These are 10 in number and check different kinds of compatibility between bride and groom. Porutham is calculated using the jathakam or kundali based on the nakshatras or birth stars and the janam rashi of the prospective couple. Initially, there were 20 poruthams as suggested by ancient sages, but in modern times, only ten poruthams are checked to decide about the level of compatibility between couples; in some Indian regions, only eight of these poruthams are considered important. 

We all know about nadi dosha and bhakoot dosha but this method is little different. The elderly and parents of both the boy and the girl come together, to check the poruthams as per the mentioned norms. The twenty-seven nakshatras and the 9 planets of the zodiac influence the human mind and body in a specific manner which forms the basis to constitute the poruthams.

It is only after achieving a good score through poruthums testing that the couple is allowed to tie the knot and move further towards a happy married life. 

Each of these 10 porutham is essential and considers different aspects of the native’s character and personality. It is very important to check each one of them one after another. The 10 compatibility factors also known as dasama poruthams are as follows:

  • Dina or nakshatra porutham
  • Rasi porutham
  • Gana porutham
  • Yoni porutham
  • Mahendra porutham
  • Stree Dirgha porutham
  • Vashya porutham
  • Rajju porutham
  • Rashyadhipati porutham
  • Vedha porutham or Nadi porutham.

While analyzing the horoscopes, the five poruthams of dhina, rasi, gana, yoni and rajju are given more importance than others. If these 5 main poruthams match, then the kundlis are considered compatible by the best astrologer. The factors of Rajju and dinam are still considered the most important ones.

Let’s understand the meaning of each of these Poruthams in detail as follows:


Dina porutham or nakshatra porutham

The first and most important of the ten porutham, is the Dina Porutham which is also called Dina Koota. It is checked to know about the health and prosperity of the couple and affirms the absence of any kind of disease or deprivation. If this porutham matches, it allows a comfortable and long-lasting happy married life. The birth stars of both the boy and girl are matched and if they acquire a count of 2, 4, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 24 or 26, then the couple has compatibility based on Dina porutham and the kundli match is considered the best or uttamam.  In a similar way, a match is considered average or madhyam if the count is except 3rd quarter in the 16th or except 4th quarter in 14th position or except 1st quarter in 12th position of the horoscope. Matches other than these are not considered good for marriage. In case of love marriage, one may talk with astrologer to know the compatibility and resultant effects.  

Gana porutham

Gana porutham checks the compatibility of the temperaments of the couple to confirm compatibility of mind after marriage. Under Gana porutham, humans are divided into three categories i.e. Deva, Manushya and Rakshasa Ganam. Deva ganam people are well behaved and affectionate, who give high importance to moral values in life. Manushya Ganam possesses both good and bad personality traits. And the last, Rakshasa Ganam people are difficult to handle. They are aggressive, rude and not ready to listen to others. A match of Dev and Manushya gana and others of an exactly similar pattern i.e. Dev with Dev etc.  are acceptable, while all others are rejected.

Mahendra porutham 

Mahendra porutham mainly deals with the progeny and the wealth of the couple. It is an important porutham that even suffices alone. If the nakshatra of the boy is in the positions 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 22nd and 25th from the nakshatra of the girl, then Mahendram porutham is considered uttamam or compatible. In other placements it is not accepted for marriage.


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Yoni porutham

Yoni Porutham is an important porutham as it checks the sexual compatibility between the couple, which is again an important aspect of a married life. Each nakshatra is given a particular yoni and it should match with that of the other partner. If it is not compatible, then the marriage should not be done. A good astrology course may teach you about all nakshatras, which makes it easy to understand, astrological details in depth.   

Rasi porutham

Rasi Porutham is another important porutham that checks the compatibility of the birth stars based on their moon signs. A compatible Rasi porutham brings prosperity and wealth in life. The moon’s position in a birth chart decides the personality, characteristics and the level of wealth and prosperity in one’s life. Therefore, it is essential for a prosperous married life. Rasi porutham serves as a solution that compensates for the absence of other porutham compatibility.

Rajju porutham

Rajju porutham is considered a vital porutham to be assessed as it checks the longevity of a husband in a marriage. A long-lived husband may bring overall happiness to the wife. It is an important factor to be considered while fixing a marriage. Rajju depicts the mangalya bala, or strength, in a marriage. If both the boy and the girl belong to the same birth star, then Rajju dosham occurs and is not considered good for the longevity of the husband. The birth nakshatra of each of them should be different from each other.


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Rasi Athipathi porutham 

Rasiyathipati porutham confirms that the birth stars and their lords for each of the boy and the girl should be friendly to each other for the most compatible marriage. If the lords of the birth stars share enmity, then there are poor chances of marriage surviving.

Stree Dheerkha porutham 

Stree deergha porutham ensures the well being and longevity of the female in a marriage. The birth star of the boy is counted from that of the birth star of the girl and if it exceeds 13, then Stree Deergha Porutham is considered compatible.

Vasya porutham

Vasya porutham analyzes the compatibility of the zodiac signs of both the boy and girl. Compatible zodiac signs affirm love and affection between the partners, which lays down the strong foundation for a happy married life.

Vedha porutham

 The vedha porutham affirms removal of any kind of evil and negativity from the life of a married couple. The word 'vedha' means affliction caused due to the incompatibility of the birth stars of the prospective bride and groom. Thus, Vedha koota assesses that the stars of the girl and the boy may ward off shortcomings or evils in a marriage. Vedha means opposition and when the birth stars of the boy and the girl are in opposition, marital bliss can’t be maintained.

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