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Madhya Pradesh(Indore)

Chapter Chairman

Acharaya. Vedica Srivastav

Acharaya. Vedica Srivastav

E-Mail :

Phone :98270-80809

Mobile :9827080111

Qualification & Experience :

  • Completed Jyotish Ratna, Jyotish Bhushan, Jyotish Prabhakar Courses from AIFAS.
  • Doing astrology practice from 2 years.

Indore Chapter Iv Address

10,Baikuntdham Colony, Anand Bazar, Indore, India

Courses Running

Astrology Vastu Shastra Palmistry Numerology Lal Kitab
Jyotish Ratna Vastu Ratna Samudrik Ratna Ank Jyotishacharya Lal Kitab
Jyotish Bhushan Vastu Shastracharya Samudrik Shastracharya
Jyotish Prabhakar Vastu Rishi Samudrik Rishi
Jyotish Shastracharya Vastu Maharishi Samudrik Maharishi
Jyotish Rishi
Jyotish Maharishi