Say Bye-Bye To Your Money Problems with These Simple Tricks

Say Bye-Bye To Your Money Problems with These Simple Tricks

There is not even a single person on the Earth who doesn’t face problems in life. But it is rather amazing to know that Astrology is equally effective in solving the life problems of everyone around the globe. 

The most common problems relate to the area of finance, wealth and money. Everyone in this world wants to get rich. But the real problem arises when after putting so many efforts the native is unable to get the desired financial growth. 

You will be relieved to know that you may now solve your financial problems with the help of Astrology and that too in the comfort of your home. You may also learn the astrology tips through online Astrology course as provided by the No. 1 institute of astrology i.e. Future Point.      

Astrology is an ancient wisdom and it has proved its efficacy and suitability since time immemorial. By looking at the unique placement of planets in your birth chart, all important information regarding someone’s life can be received. 

Vedic astrology gives valuable insights with the help of your basic birth details. One may learn Astrology to understand this marvel of ancient India. 

Astrology and your financial problems

One, who has knowledge of Astrology or learnt it through an online Vedic astrology course, knows it very well that the financial status of an individual is clearly reflected in one’s horoscope or kundli. 

Whether you will be rich or poor? What will be your financial status? How much wealth you will acquire in life? Is there any possibility of huge losses? Will your business partner deceive you etc? These are a few of the questions coming to every ordinary person’s mind. 

A learned astrologer carefully analyzes the 12 houses, 9 planets and 12 zodiac signs of a birth chart to come up with valuable information about a person’s finances. 

Before we diagnose the factors contributing to the financial problems, it is important to understand what are the combinations strengthening financial status of a native.

Main houses of finance in Astrology  

  • Generally, the second and eleventh houses of a horoscope are considered the houses of finance. But a learned and experienced astrologer analyses the whole chart to ascertain the financial stability of an individual. Wealth may be coming from various sources like salary, business profits, inheritance, intellect, self efforts, stock or share market etc. Thus it is very important to see each house to understand which house and related field may contribute to the wealth of an individual.
  • The dhan yoga which is formed due to the association of the 2nd and 11th houses and their lords, confirms good flow of income for the native. 
  • The ninth and fifth houses are known as the laxmi sthaan in astrology. If they are strong in the chart, an individual may amass great wealth or money in life. 
  • A strong ascendant placed in the good houses of the kundli is a blessing in most of the matters related to life including finance. 
  • A strong eleventh house confirms fulfillment of desires and considerable money gains.
  • Rahu though considered malefic may give unimaginable wealth with its relation to the eleventh house, its Lord or other karaka of wealth. 

Planets for strong financial position

Moon – the Moon is a planet that signifies mind, emotions and finance in the natal chart. A strong Moon gives a strong and balanced mind that helps the native in taking quick and well informed decisions. 

This certainly helps in taking right decision at the right time to attract wealth and fortune. The Moon is a karaka of wealth. It gets exalted in the second house in the kalpurush kundli which is also the house of wealth. 

Hence, we understand its importance in attracting wealth or abundant finances to the native.

Jupiter- the most benevolent planet in Vedic Astrology, Jupiter bestows abundance and fortunes in a person’s life. A strong Jupiter is known as a bhagyavardhaka planet for the native. A relation between Mars and Jupiter or their placement in each others’ rashi is known to bring great wealth as per Brihat parashara hora shatra.  

Venus- the planet of luxuries, cash flow and materialistic pleasures ensures strong finances for the native. Venus represents Goddess Laxmi and thus signifies wealth for the native.  

Mercury- it also represents finances, accounting and everything related to money flow. It is again a strong karaka of finance in Astrology. 

Houses and planets to give you financial troubles

The trik bhavas i.e. 6th, 8th and 12th may cause depletion of finances and wealth from your life. The relation of these houses or their lords with the abovementioned wealth giving houses and planets may cause financial losses. 

However, it is important to check their strength which only the best astrologer may do. The 8th and 12th houses especially cause major destructions. But sometimes they give good benefits through inheritance and foreign resources as well. 

The planets like Saturn, ketu and Mars if not in association with benefics may cause financial losses. However, a detailed kundli analysis is required because in astrology nothing goes in isolation.    

Solve Financial Problems with the help of Astrology

There are many people in the world who suffer hardships due to disbelief in divine science of Astrology. 

If we seek shelter under Astrology and try to understand the problems rooted back to our past life karmas, we may overcome every possible hardship in life. 

If one is having any financial problem or facing scarcity of money, then following general remedies will prove of great help in removing them. These are time tested financial remedies which will certainly eliminate them successfully. However, hard work and determination is required as to get success nothing may replace self efforts. 

Some remedies to remove financial troubles

  • Place your cash locker in the South or South-West corner of the house. North is considered the direction of Lord Kuber, the Lord of wealth. Opening the door of the locker in this direction ensures plenty of money inside. 
  • Saturn sadesati or dhaiyya causes financial troubles. One may appease planet Saturn by chanting its mantra. By worshipping Saturn regularly, one may ward off financial crunches in life.
  • It is advised to put your cash in a box or locker having mirrors inside. This will reflect the wealth and will attract more of it. 
  • Never give or take services for free.
  • Always earn through righteous means as wealth earned through wicked ways don’t stay long. 
  • Install kuber yantra in your puja room. This will help in inviting more sources of income for you.
  • Worship Goddess Maha Lakshmi to seek her divine blessings in life.
  • Donate some share of your monthly income in charity to garner the universal blessings.
  • Respect all females as they manifest Goddess Laxmi.
  • Light a ghee filled earthen lamp near tulsi plant every evening. This way you will make goddess of wealth happy. 
  • Prepare kheer and offer to little girls on Fridays. 
  • Keep your house mess free. 
  • Apply turmeric and saffron tilak on your forehead every day.
  • The female of the house should pour water at the entrance of the door every morning. This helps in gaining prosperity in the house.
  • Feed green fodder to cows every Wednesday.

It is common to get financially stuck in life. Even after a lot of hard work we fail to receive the desired results. No inflow of cash and burdensome loan installments is what send us to deepest miseries. 

Don’t wait and trouble yourself. Come to take the best astrological guidance with the best astrologers in Delhi and NCR here at Future Point. They are available through online or offline consultations and round the clock online presence. 

Here, after correct guidance and appropriate remedial measures all your financial problems will shoo away all at once!

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