How Planets Influence the Education of Your Child

How Planets Influence the Education of Your Child

Education is the prime concern of every parent and they want to give best of education to their children in all circumstances. But sometimes even after helping their kids with all modern educational facilities, their children lack the desired results. It is not the fault of the parents or kids but stars which may create obstacles in their educational aspirations.

Let’s talk about the various astrological possibilities that may influence the student life of your child to a great extent.

When we talk about the education, the planets Mercury and Jupiter assume predominance over other planets. They play an important role in the education of the child and his cognitive achievements. The child tends to have bright education if these two educational planets are well placed in the houses of education:

  • 2nd - we assess the primary education of a child from this house 
  • 4th -  It is analyzed for senior secondary classes at school
  • 5th -  It is assessed for graduation
  • 9th-  It is analyzed for higher education

In this article we will talk about the planetary placements in a chart that promises bright education for your child. And remedies for correction of the ill effects of the planets have also been provided. Talk to astrologer to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your child. With this information you can support your child in his academic achievements while keeping his morals high.

Education in Vedic Astrology

Primary education:

In Astrology, we analyze the 2nd house, its Lord and its associations with other planets to predict about the primary education of the child. The planets placed in the 2nd house and also the planets aspecting the 2nd lord have their say in deciding the primary education of the child. 


We analyze the 4th and 5th house for this purpose with major concentration on the 5th house. The planets placed or aspecting the houses too are very important. 

Post graduation or higher studies

9th house and its Lord, planets in 5th house and 9th house and 8th house are studied carefully for estimating research works in education. In astrology, the 5th and the 9th house always give positive results to the native even if a malefic has been placed there. These are the purv punya and bhagya sthaan respectively.  


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If 5th and 9th lords are connected by way of conjunction, aspect or inter house change called parivartan yoga, then it is considered very auspicious yoga. If this yoga present in a chart, the native is blessed with academic excellence; he receives great respect and is well recognized in the society for their educational achievements and knowledge. A benefic placed in the 5th house, makes the native really fortunate and successful. If the lord of 9th is placed in the 5th house, the native would excel in writing and will possess abundant wealth. Similarly, if the 5th lord is placed in quadrant or Kendra to rashi or Chandra lagna (moon), the native is bestowed with a royal life.

Conjunction of 9th and 5th lords gives a promise of the best education to the child. The 2nd house indicates family, eyesight, money to be spent on education, finance, family support and circumstances to carry on learning with ease and good eye sight required to study. 

4th house also indicates the mother and the mother is the first teacher of a child. She educates the child at home in the first instance and take care of him while he commences with his primary education. She is the motivation behind a bright education of a child. 

9th house signifies the father who helps a child to pursue his higher education. Finally the 9th house also stands for the teacher who guides a student in successful completion of his higher studies or research. Of course 8th house is analyzed for predicting studies in research and like (hidden fields and knowledge).

A good astrologer analyzes all the houses of education i.e. 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, and 9th house along with their lords, the planets placed in these houses etc. But one thing that is of prime importance is to know the strength of the Lagna, Lagna lord and the planets aspecting or positioned in it. Without a well placed or strong Lagna and the Lord of lagna, one cannot achieve success easily he has to struggle a lot to achieve it. If the lagna lord is posited in any of the Trik houses i.e. 6, 8 & 12 houses from the ascendant, the child has to undergo a lot of sufferings. The lagna lord should either be placed in the quadrant (1,4,7& 10) also known as the Vishnusthanam, or in the trine (1st,5th and 9th) also known as the lakshmisthanam or in the house of gains i.e. the 11th house. 

Every child has an inherent learning capacity which is a gift of God to him. Every child has some weaknesses and strengths which he can use to use to shine in a particular field of education. Some can do well in science stream other may shine in commerce or arts streams in a broader spectrum. Now days, endless choices in career are available to the students to make. Every child has a particular style of learning that helps him in performing well in a particular education line depending upon that style. A child may succeed in that particular field with proper education and the blessings of his mother, father and teacher i.e. the 4,5and 9th houses. 

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Few combinations presenting hurdles in education:

  • The lords of 2, 4 and 5th houses are in debilitation.
  • The 2, 4, 5th house Lords are placed between two malefic or paap     kartri position.
  • Influence of two or more than two malefic like Saturn, Rahu or Ketu on any of the houses of education.
  • If Mercury is either combust, debilitated or placed in an inimical sign.
  • If Mars aspects Mercury.
  • If Jupiter is placed in its debilitation sign in the chart.
  • If Sun is placed in its debilitation sign in the chart.
  • If there is no positive influence on the ascendant or moon sign.

If any of these conditions are found in a horoscope then we can assume that the child has to struggle to gain academic excellence. Major afflictions even deny a child of his basic education. The dasa or antardasha of these lords may create hurdles and break in education.


Auspicious yogas for higher education

There are several auspicious yogas that ensure bright education of a child. These are as follows:

Kalanidhi Yoga: If Venus is either placed in his own house or is in exaltation sign while Jupiter and Mercury conjunct in the 2nd house or in 5th house from lagna, then Kalanidhi Yoga is formed. This yoga bestows discipline, moral values, knowledge, good writing skills and speech and research to the native. He/She will also possess the knowledge of astrology.

Brahma Yoga: If Venus and Jupiter are placed in the kendras or quadrants from lagna, and to the lord of the trines or the 11th house make Brahma Yoga. This yoga guarantees abundant wealth, best education and fame to the native.

Sarawati Yoga: If Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are placed in kendras or Trikonas from the lagna, then the Saraswathi Yoga is formed. As the name suggests, the native will be endowed with the blessings of goddess Saraswati and has very good writing skills, speech, knowledge of vedas, and is globally recognized for his academic achievements.

Balai Yoga: If Jupiter or Venus is placed in the 12th to the Sun then Balai Yoga is formed. Person with this yoga becomes fluent in many languages and gains fame for his multilingual capabilities. They are excellent in literature and translation etc.

Shanga Yoga: The Shanga Yoga is formed if the 6th lord is placed in the 5th house or vice versa or they may be placed in conjunction in any of these houses. It is due to this yoga, the native achieves higher education (like PhD etc) and he is endowed with lot of wealth, fame, recognition etc.

Budhaaditiya Yoga or Nipun Yoga: Ihis yoga is formed through the conjunction of Mercury and Sun. however, it’s a common yoga seen in many of the horoscopes but its effectiveness differs according to the placement in the house and the sign. This yoga is more effective if it occurs in the exaltation or own sign of these planets like Aries, Leo, Gemini or Virgo. Even if it occurs in dusthana houses 6,8, and 12, and that sign in trik house happens to be its own or exaltation sign then also the malefic effects are reduced. Apart from this if this occurs in 1,2,4,5 houses certainly the native gets higher intellect. If such conjunction takes place in the 7th or 10th house then the native gains fame through politics.

Bhathira Yoga: Bhathira Yoga is formed through placement of Mercury in the quadrant from lagna or moon which should be it own or exalted sign i.e. Gemini or Virgo. If a native is born with this yoga then his educational achievements are matchless. He is a gifted scholar and will gain some authoritative positions in his life.

Dhenu Yoga: If the lord of the second house conjuncts a benefic planet and does not receive a malefic aspect then this planet forms the Dhenu Yoga. These natives receive higher education and lead a luxurious life. This yoga becomes even more powerful if the lord of the second house is placed in its own or exaltation sign. Furthermore the dasa of the planet forming the yoga should operate at the right time.

Guru Chandra Yoga:  If moon and Jupiter are posited in trine to each other this yoga is formed. Guru Chandra makes the native a scholar and the native gets fame for his unique academic excellence but they excel in the profession not related with their education. These people usually indulge in export and import business or politics. They bear the fruits of the benefic dasha of Chandra or Jupiter. 


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Planets and their influence on Education

Sun: If a native has a powerful Sun then he gets higher posts in Govt. departments or some authoritative position due to his education.

Moon: A well placed Moon in a chart gives inclination towards art, literature, medicine and poetry etc.

Mars: An influential Mars gives interest in architecture, military equipments, mantras, chemical industry and constructions.

Mercury: Mercury gives prowess in communication, diplomacy with the help of education, writing and speaking skills, impressive speech, communication, publishing and finance etc.

Jupiter: If one has the blessings of Jupiter, he may become a preacher, religious leader, teacher, finance and lawyer etc. He may remain interested in research studies as well.

Venus: Venus gives interest in art, music, drama, cinema, singing and dancing, acting etc.

Saturn: It stands for hard work and discipline. Saturn gives excellence in novels writing and archaeological works etc.

Rahu: Rahu is concerned to mathematics, business, medicine, politics, printing presses, electrical equipments etc.

Ketu:  Ketu grants wisdom and without his grace no one can make academic achievements.

Conclusion: The dasha of the lords of the houses of education as mentioned above should come at the right age, means during the school life of the child. During the period of bad dasha, or bad transit, it is common to see temporary breaks in the education of the child. For e.g. during sade sati and dhayya of Saturn etc. Shani and Rahu dasa too sometimes prove inauspicious fro studies. Education may continue once these bad periods are over. During the dasa of the 5th and 9th house lords, the native may get a chance to go to abroad for studies with scholarship. The lords of the 5th and 9th are the major deciding factors in the educational achievements of the student.

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