Does My Birth Chart Reveal My Prospects to Succeed as a Businessman?

Does My Birth Chart Reveal My Prospects to Succeed as a Businessman?

Your birth chart or horoscope has every role to play in determining the trajectory of each and every aspect of your life such as education, marriage, career, health, job or as per your query- business! This is because the fundamental purpose of Astrology is to decode what the planets & stars signify for various aspects or domains in the life of a person.

Your birth chart or horoscope is like a map that reveals the trajectory of your life based on the influences that planets exert based on their positioning in the cosmos at the time of your birth.    .

It is by deciphering the planetary positions and their aspects on other planets or houses in a horoscope, an experienced astrologer predicts what the future holds for you. Furthermore, post an in-depth analysis of your birth chart, the astrologer derives powerful occult remedies that specifically address the problems that you are facing in your life.

These remedial measures are primarily suggested to strengthen the state of benefic planets and pacify the planets that are negatively affecting life as per the horoscope of the individual. Now since your question is related to the subject of being a successful businessman, you must understand how the state of business is analyzed by the principles of Astrology.

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7th House of the Horoscope 

The 7th House is the prime house of business in a horoscope. Therefore in order to be successful in a business, one must have a strong 7th house. It is always preferred that the 7th house of a horoscope must not have the placement of any of the 3 naturally malefic planets such as Rahu (North Node of the Moon), Ketu  (South Node of the Moon) and Saturn. Plus, there must not be the aspect of any of the malefic planets on the 7th house if one wants to have a smooth & rewarding business domain in life.

The reasons being:

  • Rahu causes confusion and brings sudden bad events in the domains represented by the house in which it is present or aspects.
  • Ketu on the other hand brings dissatisfaction and loss of interest in the areas signified by the house in which it is present or aspects.
  • Saturn is a slow planet that causes delay and brings obstacles & hurdles.

In order to conduct or run a business successfully, one does not want any of these negative effects in life. Similarly, these malefic planets, when conjunct with benefic planets for business in the 7th house, create friction in the smooth functioning of a business.

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2nd, 11th and 10th Houses of the Horoscope

Now, every business runs with capital and a big bank balance is the primary barometer of determining a successful businessman. Therefore, the 2nd house that represents accumulated wealth & bank balance must be very strong to say that the native is fit to do a business. The Lord of the 2nd house in the 11th house or vice-versa creates 'Mahadhani Yog' (a combination signifying great wealth).

This is because the 11th house is the house of gains & realization of desires and the placement of either the house of wealth in the house of gains or vice versa creates highly auspicious & prosperous situations in the life of a native. Furthermore, the 10th house is the house of name & fame and the name of a successful businessman always runs ahead and garners fame & recognition in the field of business.

Therefore, a strong 10th house signifies a sound state of business & leadership in life. It must be noted that Rahu which is an otherwise malefic planet gives exceptionally great results when placed in the 10th house of horoscope. Saturn in the 10th house points out to the fact that if the native gets involved in a business, then that native will have to deal predominantly with entry level workers or labourers and rise in the business will be very slow and full of struggles.

Sun in the 10th house points out towards help from father or some father like figure in starting a business or simply inheriting an existing family business. Also, the type of planets placed or aspecting the houses concerned with business, reveal the favourable lines or fields of business that will suit the individual the most.

The Dasha (particular period of specific planetary operation) is also looked at to ascertain which period is good for doing business and which period poses serious risks and thus the individual must tread with caution. The Dasha of a planet which is not conducive for business prospects, brings unexplained losses and the native must timely incorporate remedial measures to get rid of the negatives posed by that planet.

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12th House of the Horoscope 

Last but not the least, the 12th house, which is the house of expenditures or losses, must not be badly affected. Otherwise, the native will always incur such heavy expenditures that eventually the business will not lead to profits.  So in such cases, it is better not to foray into the risky and uncertain line of business.



Therefore, we would like to urge you to consult with professionals when it comes to knowing about how certain crucial aspects of your life are lined up by your destiny. Astrologers of Future Point are highly experienced professionals holding an absolute mastery over even the most intricate concepts & functionalities of Astrology.

This results in decoding the exact planetary effects on a native and subsequently arriving at incredibly powerful remedies that when performed, have the potential of turning the tide of luck into the native's favour!

So since you want to become a successful businessman, take the first & foremost professional step of preparing well in advance by consulting with the Best Indian Astrologer and make sure that the planets & stars get aligned in your favour!

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