Clear the path of Examination with the help of Vastu Astrology

Clear the path of Examination with the help of Vastu Astrology

Achieving success in education is the aim of every student’s life but sometimes they have to encounter many obstacles despite putting their heart and soul into it. Sometimes everything seems easy but at the same time everything seems going over the head. Why these uncertainties surround most of the students? In every student’s life, there is a phase where they come across many obstacles with academics or otherwise. 

Examinations are a test of their excellence and endurance which every student wants to pass with flying colours. But unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to see his/her name on the toppers’ list. Sometimes the students work hard, yet they don’t get desired in fact deserved results. In such a situation, students along with their parents get stressed and try to look for the possible reasons of their bad performances.

Our ancient Vedic science of Astrology and Vastu can help the students to overcome the uncertainties of education world. In this article we will talk about how vastu can help the students to crack any competitive exams and how can they achieve better results in their particular academic sessions.  

The study area of a student is of prime importance when it comes to achieve success in one’s academic endeavours. A Vastu complacent study area goes a long way in ensuring academic success of a student. One should consult the best vastu expert before setting the study area of a child. The concentration and the focus of the students are the areas to be worked upon to get positive outcomes. Every student’s future depends on their academic qualifications and a conducive environment is a basis of conducive bright future. 

Everyone wants a good job, for that good education is a prerequisite. sometimes the architectural defects present in the house may be obstructing your hard work and hence progress. In such a situation, if you are preparing for a competitive examination to achieve a good job while sitting at home, you will have to adopt some vastu tips along with hard work to achieve success .

If the place where the child is studying has Vastu flaws or doshas, then it could be detrimental to concentration and focus on studies. The willing students should consider they sit to study, the direction of their books rack or almirah, the placement of their desk among others. 


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Vastu shastra suggests following instructions:

  • According to the best astrologers of India the study table should be placed in the Northeast direction. Studying in the East direction is also considered fine. If this is not possible then while studying, a student should face the northeast direction.
  • If you are already living in a house and the direction of the study table is in the west which is now difficult be change, the pupil should sit with their faces towards the east or northeast direction for studying, as it is considered to be the most auspicious direction to have the effective result in studies. 
  • According to Vastu, the north-east direction for studying is the best, and then the north/east direction and if even that is not possible due to pre constructed structure then the west direction is the last option. It is worth noting that the southwest and southeast directions should be avoided for studies as these are known to create obstacles while learning.
  • While learning, a student should sit facing the door and avoid showing hi/her back to the door.
  • It is suggested that the student’s position while studying or resting should be in the aforementioned directions and preferably the study table should be laid in the student’s bedroom. 
  • The door and the window of the room in which the study table is placed should be in the north, northeast, east and, the west direction. It is worth noting that both southwest and southeast directions are not considered auspicious for the purpose.
  • A sound sleep is a key to success. This doesn’t go wrong in the case of the students also. If they will sleep well then only they will study well. Sleeping in a position that your head is placed in the south or west side, is quite effective. Also, it is also good for mental health. 
  • Study table, an idol of God, and water dispenser should be placed in the northeast direction of the room. 
  • According to Vastu Shastra, study room should be painted yellow, cream or natural bright colors. This will enhance your concentration in studies.
  • The lighting of the room should be perfect. If the student is studying in dim lights then the student’s shadow will fall on the books which will enhance the burden of studies on the student. And, if the student is using a table lamp for the lighting then it should be kept at the left side of the study table.
  • The bookshelf can be kept in the southwest direction, as it is considered to be the best direction for its placement. According to Vastu, placing a bookshelf in the northwest direction should be avoided. It is said that if bookshelves are placed in the northwest direction then students start losing interest in studies and also might misplace the books.
  • The study table should always be clutter free. All stationery items that have been broken or are not of any use anymore should be discarded immediately. All these are known to bring negative energy to the minds and hence hamper positive learning.
  • Paste a picture of running horses and motivational sentences in the study room.
  • Remove any object in Red, pink, purple, orange or Green color from the West of South West corner of the house. If the walls are painted with any of these colours get them repainted with natural colours.
  • Remove any broom, mop, vacuum cleaner, washing machine from West of south west and North East corner of the house.
  • After studying, books should be kept back to its place and should not be left open. This might again attract negative energy resulting in the poor health of students. 

These vastu tips will probably help in achieving academic success and better scores. But a consultation with a vastu expert can help eradicate all kinds of negative energy from the house making it a prosperour abode. Not just vastu but your astrological charts have lots of mysteries hidden in it which can be revealed with the best astrologers in India at Future Point. Sometimes, students opt for certain subject choices but tend to change soon due to lack of interest. Astrology helps to know your inherent interest and choosing the right subjects or stream which you need not to switch later. 

Astrology can go hand in hand with a career consultant and helps you to be doubly sure regarding the choice of subjects. One can even take online consultation and get his online kundli to get sure as to which stream to follow to have a bright career without switching courses later on. With effective astrological remedies provided by the online astrologers here at Future Point, you’ll be good to go in no time!

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