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Rajahmundry Chapter
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Alwar Chapter
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Saharanpur Chapter
Dehradun Chapter-I
Dehradun Chapter-II
Rishikesh Chapter
Kolkata Chapter-I
Kolkata Chapter-VI
Ontario Chapter
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Pokhra Chapter
Kathmandu Chapter
Orlando Chapter
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Welcome to All India Federation of Astrologers Societies
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Palmistry- Palm's Verdict
Numerology :- Health And Numerology
Vaastu - Philosophy of Astrology and Vastu Yoga
Gems and Stones
Medical Astrology
Astrology and Internet
Mystic Powers of Kalsarp Yoga
Conjunction of Saturn and Rahu
Sex of Child Through the Ruling Planets
Higher Education Gift of 9th House
Some Forecasts of Nostradamus including War in 1999
Earthquakes And Other Natural Calamities
The Art of Prediction-1
Date of Birth and Calenders
The Art of Prediction-2
Know your Dasha
The Art of Prediction-3
What is Correct - Nirayan or Sayan Indian or Western
Calculation of Sidereal Time and Ascendant
Celestial Arithmetic
The Art of Prediction-4
Cast Your Horoscope
Secrets of Astrology Unveiled
Understanding Place of Birth,Time Zone and Time Correction
Calculation of House of a Planet
Gems And Remedies