Higher Education Gift of 9th House

Education is essensial for every body. 4th house indicates school and college eduction, where as higher education and research are denoted by 9th house.

4th house indicates one's regular attendance in a school or a college and studies. 3rd house show's one's inclination to specialise in any subject, where as the combined effect of 3rd and 5th show one's intelligence. But 4th is a must to develop habit to study and industry. Besides these houses, there is one house i.e. 9th which indicates chances for studies further or higher education.

Mercury is the planet of intelligence, which when combined with Sun in rapt conjunction causes Nipuna Yoga.

If 3rd house is concerned with ordinary mental inclinations, 9th house is higher education, higher knowledge and higher thought.

In the light of above principles, now, we shall study the nativity of a doctor, who is wishing to get higher education in medicine after completing MBBS course.

He had appeared in the written test for diploma in medicine course during the year 1995, but did not received any information till April '98. So, he was disappointed and hence was serious to know his fate about higher education. The birth detail along with the chart is as follows :

In the chart the lord of 4th in 4th along with lord of 3rd can be seen. Lord of 6th and 11th Mars is in Ist; a good combination for success. Mars is aspecting Mercury and Saturn. Saturn the lord of 8th and 9th in 8th, is good for longevity but delaying for other things. But as it is strong due to occupancy in its own house, it will cause delay but not deny, the portfolio of 9th house, in which higher education also comes. The next things is the owner of 10th is in 9th which means a Yoga comprising house of fate and the house of Karma. So the chart, as per house position, is good and strong.

The sublord of the 4th is Jupiter, posited in 9th and sublord of 9th is Mercury, posited in 4th, a good change in the house of general education and higher education. Here Mars is in the star of Jupiter, the occupant of 9th and sub of Mercury, the occupant of 4th, is much stronger to give higher education. So, any planet in the star of sub of Mars will be able to give higher education.

X 1.46 XI 5.46 XII 10.46 Moon 3.10
I 12.56
Mar 24.52
Jup (R) 11.57
IX 1.46
K.P. Ayan-23014'
Mrigshira-3rd Pada.
Balance Dasha of Mars at birth was
1Y 10M and 02 days only
II 6.46
Rah 12.52
Ketu 12.52
Sat 11.50
VIII 6-46
III 1.46
Ura 4.04
VII 12.56 VI 10.46 V 5.46
Ven 18.51
Nep 18.23
IV 1.46
Sun 4.04
Mer 27.58

Jupiter Dasha was ending on 22.07.98 and there after the major period of Saturn was to come. Jupiter, though posited in 9th house, did not give the chance only due to Saturn, which was the owner and occupant of 8th, a house of delay and disappointment. But Saturn himself in the star of Moon and sub of Mars was suitable to give higher education. Hence, Moon is conjoined with Mars and in the star of Mars is also not bad. So, the native was told that he will get diploma in medicine.

Same thing happened with the end of Jupiter Dasha on 22.7.98. The native, a doctor, received a letter for interview on 27.7.98. Delaying tendency of Saturn did not end even after getting an interview letter. But now the doctor is happy knowing an that he will get diploma in medicine.

Cuspal detail Planet detail
Cusp Star Lord Sublord Planet Star Lord Sublord
I Rahu Mercury Moon Mars Venus
II Saturn Mercury Mars Jupiter Mercury
III Ketu Venus Rahu Saturn Mars
IV Sun Jupiter Sun Sun Saturn
V Mars Moon Mercury Mars Saturn
VI Saturn Sun Venus Rahu Moon
VII Ketu Mercury Saturn Moon Mars
VIII Sun Mercury Ketu Moon Rahu
IX Mars Mercury Jupiter Rahu Saturn
X Jupiter Rahu      
XI Ketu Rahu      
XII Moon Moon