Gems and Stones

Gem and precious stones are perennial source of innexhaustible energy. Astrologically they have the potential to increase the potentiality of a particular gem for a particular planet. They are generally worn for health, wealth, power and popularity.

From times immemorial, gems (previous tones) have been used by royalties, nobles and women to adorn themselves. Atrologically, these gems have the potential to increase the potentiality of a particular gem for a particular planet.

Normally, depending on the birth chart, a gem is suggested to be worn for increasing wealth, power and popularity apart from averting diseases. In ancient times, Kings used to collect the best of gems (Kohinoor etc.) to protect themselves from bad evils to stay in power and also for increasing longivity.

The rationale and purpose of gems would depend on the charecterstics, colour and vibrations of planets as most of the major important gems stand attributed to one of the Planets/Nakshatra. Colour of the gems also play a major role and influence the native and others who see the gemmed ring on the finger of the native. It may be mentioned that our saints/sages had mentioned that the malefic power released by the planets is always negative whereas the power of the gem/precious stone is always positive. When the negative meets the positive. both are neutralised. Briefly, it would be apt to refer to the gems attributed to the planets:

Ruby - The Sun, Pearl - the Moon, Red Coral - Mars, Emerald - Mercury, Yellow Sapphire - Jupiter, Diamond - Venus, Blue Sapphire - Saturn, Gomedha - Rahu, Cat's Eye - Ketu.

Do not call gems as "Stone" or "Pather" - they are Nav-ratna- Call them "Ratans" and they need to be properly worshipped before wearing.

In this write-up only Gem is included. Wait for more articles on gems including when and how to wear.

Moti (Pearl)

Pearl is of Planet Moon. Normally, person with weak Moon and person with cancer as his Rasi (Moon sign) should wear pearl.

Weight and Method of Wearing : Pearl may be of 2, 4, 6 or 11 Rattis. Avoid of 7 and 8 Rattis. Pearl fixed in Silver may be worn in neck, arm or in 4th finger of right hand. The day to wear the pearl for the first time is Monday preferably during the bright fortnight.

Pearl is also suggested for controlling mental peace. It should be suggested as a MUST as and when the Moon is the grip of Rahu/Ketu eclipsed Moon.

Among Hindus, a nose-ring of pearl at the time of marriage is considered auspicious to ensure happy conjuugal life and protection from widowhood. Unblemished pearl is blessed by Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, defective/ broken pearls including pearls with spots must not be worne as they become cause of poverty and other miseries, including diseases.

Pearl also live long life and it is stated by some that even sins are washed away (this aspect of pearl need more study and verification).

Pearl with a Yellow lustre is considered to bring wealth. Red coloured pearl is expected to make the native an intelligent fellow. The normally worne White Pearl is expected to bestow fame and name apart from wealth (fortune). Evil influences come to an end and the native is not harmed as good-luck smiles on the wearer.

Know also about the defective Pearls:

  1. Pearl having a spot without lustre like the hole. (can bring troubles).
  2. If the Pearl contains a spot or sign like the eye of a fish the wearer suffers loss of children.
  3. Pearl which is like of a Coral is harbinger of poverty.
  4. Pearl which is flat can bring a bad name to the wearer.
  5. Pearl in which there is protrusions of three corners can cause misfortunes to the wearer.
  6. Pearl which is long instead of being round makes the wearer foolish and also insane/idiot.
  7. f a side of Pearl is broken, the wearer may suffer from loss in earnings.
  8. If the Pearl takes the shape of a bird, the wearer may loose all his wealth and earnings.

More About Pearls:

Different weight of the Pearl has been suggested by different astrologers/Pandits. Some of them opine that the weight of the Pearl should start from 3 and 3/4 Rattis but other say it should be from 5 to 7 Rattis. Must add 1/4th to the figure selected and do not take 4 and 1/4. The Pearl should be in silver and must be worn on Monday.

Numerologically, those born on 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of any month can wear Moon Stone or White Pearl. Before wearing, the ring with Pearl should be dipped in raw milk for atleast 3 hours in order to remove its impurities. Recite mantra of the Moon or only "Om Namah Shivay" 108 times. This well add needed strength to the native i.e. wearer of the Pearl.

Usefulness of Pearl for various ascendants (Lagnas).

Aries - Native shall get freedom from mental disturbances happiness from mother, success in education and shall also gain landed properties.

Taurus - Moon being third lord, Pearl should be worn only after consulting the astrologer Shri S.P. Pahwa.

Gemini - If in a birth chart, the Moon as lord of the 2nd house is exalted in 12th house or be in own sign or in 8th house/10th/11th house, the wearing of Pearl may prove beneficial specially during the period of the Moon.

Cancer - Moon being the owner, wearing of Pearl would be very beneficial - rather the native should it wear through out life.

Leo - Moon being 12th lord, the native should avoid wearing Pearl unless the Moon is heavily afflicted. Wearing of Pearl is recommended even the Moon happens to be in its own sign.

Virgo - If pearl is worn in major period of the Moon, native may get financial gains.

Libra - All obstructions in advancement of career shall stand removed by wearing Pearl. The native also gets name/game/honour.

Scorpio - Pearl would prove beneficial and if the native also wears Red Coral, immense good shall be done.

Saggitarius - Pearl should be avoided unless the Moon is in its own sign in 8th house. If worn with Yellow Sapphire, no adverse effects shall be noticed.

Capricorn - Wearing Pearl may be avoided as the Moon is Lord of 7th house (Marka). Pearl can be taken if the Moon is in own sign.

Aquarius - Pearl can be worn to over come enemies and also to get rid of debts/diseases.

Pisces - With Pearl, the native may have some problem with progany but the native will get name/fame/honour. For afflicted Moon, Pearl must be worn.

Do's and Dont's

  1. Never wear Pearl on Saturdays. However, in case necessity and urgency you may put on Thursdays.
  2. Who cannot afford Pearl, can wear Moon stone or White Sapphire as substitutes.
  3. As already suggested, the ring should be worn on small finger though some of the persons including Shri Rakesh Shastri, author of Indian Gemology suggest the it should be worn on ring finger of the right hand.

    You may mail your views points as to the finger on which Pearl is to be worn.

  4. iv. One opinion is that never wear Pearl with Diamond, (Venus is enemy of the Moon), Emerald (reasoning not clear), Blue Sapphire (Saturn is enemy of the Moon) and Cat's Eye.