Syllabus of Samudrik Shastracharya

  • Diagnosis of Disease: Knowing diseases by palm, knowledge of disease by fingers and nails, comparative study of normal and abnormal diseases, knowing cause and time of diseases.
  • Yogas:Knowing Rajyoga etc. from palm, effect of good and bad yogas,
  • Matching:Knowing mutual merits, nature, intellectual, working capacity, mutual understanding, love and behaviour of two natives. Analysis of match making system, use of matching system in daily life.
  • Remedies:Remedies for negative effects, advent of goodluck, health, peace and education etc..
Face Reading
  • Face Reading: Kinds of faces, knowing the personality of different faces, study of different lines on forehead.
  • Study of Eyes:Different kinds of eyes and their merits, nature, disease, relation of eyes with eyebrows, several kinds of eyebrows and their effects, prediction through eyes.
  • Study of Ears:Importance of ears, kinds of ears, influence of hair on the ear, personality difference due to small and large ears, effect of abnormal ears, knowing age by ears.
  • Study of Nose:Different kinds of noses, difference between small, long, flat and abnormal noses, knowing personality by nose.
  • Effect of Mole:Moles found on different places and their effects, effect of mole on face, palm, different kinds of moles and their effects
  • Parts of Body:To know the future by different parts of the body, effect of missing part or extra part of body.
  • Posture Analysis: Effect of different posture, effect of food habits, clothing, sitting, walking etc..
Paper - 3 Practical
  • :Predict & identify various diseases from study of palms of persons known. Compare with actual results. Suggest remedies and prove that remedies actually responded with real situation. Study from a known palm whether any yogas are formed and show whether results actually compare with predictions. Do matching of two known persons and compare with results in real life.