Syllabus of Jyotish Shastracharya

Jaimini and K.P. System
  • Jaimini:Sthir Karaka, Char Karaka, Aspects of Signs, Char Dasha Analysis, Predictions by Char Dasha.
  • Lifespan Analysis:Jaimini's View, Varayu, Rashyayu, Kendrayu, Anshayu, Pindayu, Nisargayu. Calculations of lifespan and Horoscope, Determination of Lifespan by Dasha and Antardasha.
  • K. P. System:Cusp computation and horoscope calculation, distribution of zodiac in 1 to 249 numbers, nakshatra and sub-lords of planets and houses, significators of planets and houses, Ruling Planets and predictions by K.P. System.
Share Market & Mundane Astrology
  • Samvatsar:Name of the samvatsars, lord and their results, celestial counsel, varsh kundli.
  • National & International Analysis:Prediction of national and international events falling under Mundane Astrology, Koorma Chakra, effects of eclipses on commodities.
  • Weather Analysis:Arda Pravesh and results, Rohini vaas, Tri nadi and Sapt nadi chart, Vrishti analysis.
  • Agriculture Argh Analysis:Sasya jatak, significators and results of planet, sign and nakshatra.
  • Market Analysis:Sarvatobhadra chakra, Grah char and marketing analysis, effects of eclipses.
  • Practical:Compute the life span of a known person from modern history & compare the results. Predict by Jaimini system and compare the results. Predict by K.P. system for a native or a question and compare the results. Predict for share market, weather, national and international events & compare with actuals.