Frequently Asked Questions

I am practising as Astrologer. Now I want to teach Astrology. Where can I teach Astrology?

With your profile of experience in the feild of Astrology, kindly contact the chapter nearest of your resident city, town. There you can meet the Chapter Chairperson for the Interview. If he is satisfied with your knoweldge he will absorb you.

I want to get aasociated with world of occult science. Which course should I opt for?

There are many options in this feild. example Astrology, Vastu, Numerlogy etc. Our federation deals with only Astrological sciences. Though Occult sciencces deals in many consealed sciences also. You should have overview of all the topics under this vast head, which will give you and idea of through which you can get associated in this field.

What is the scope for learning Astrlogy?

Astrology is very scientific science along with one neesd the art of interperation through hints shown in ones horoscope. Its a great way to come across the all mighty's vast thinking and his managements. One can pactise this science and earn his living if done at huge level.

Which course is best Astrology, Vastu, Palmistry or Numerlogy?

All the courses are the masters in their own feild. Astrology deals with individual Humans and their stars. Vastu deals with the dwelling places from where an Individual is involved. Palmistry shows what you have brought as fate and how much one can change with his will-powers and determinations, through the lines which keeps on changing. Numerlology is the science of numbers. The magic of numbers which infulences our lifes in a smallest way and what no.s we have brought as fate with us. Its like asking a loving and caring mother which of his child is best. There's always an individuall apptitude of accepting and liking something. So it depends on you which course you will like the most.