Courses on astrology

The candidates who wish to learn astrology may opt for AIFAS certificate courses. These courses are so designed that they are useful for every one.

Correspondence Courses

All the courses conducted by AIFAS can be done by correspondence as well. The duration of each course is 3 months. The study materials will be provided to the students by mail or through courier. After the completion of the course, the students will have the liberty to appear at the examination either at their place or nearly chapter. Certificates will be issued to the students after evaluation.

Jyotish Ratna

This course has been designed for amateur students who are putting their first step into astrology. The course comprises of fundamental calculations, planets in different signs and houses of horoscopes and predictions thereof. Using of panchang is also taught. This course is meant to give a grasp of fundamentals of astrology.

Jyotish Bhushan

This is a second step in astrology after Jyotish Ratna. Here, additional calculations and complete analysis of horoscope and remedies thereof is taught. A comprehensive information is provided on Horoscope Matching and Muhurtas. After this course the student is able to predict or match the horoscopes and find muhurtas of common use.

Jyotish Prabhakar

The syllabus includes Horary astrology and Varshphal (Annual predictions). Detailed knowledge of Horary and annual horoscope is taught. Additionally student is taught about shadbal- the six fold planetary strength.

Jyotish Shastracharya

This is the last step of astrology course. In this course an introduction to different systems of astrology like Jaimini or Krishna Murthy system is given to students for providing a wider knowledge.Under Mundane Astrology, predicting events of the country and the world and forecasting weather is taught here. Longevity calculations are also taught.

Jyotish Rishi

This course is meant for those astrologers who know astrology and are practising it but are not strong in forecasting. The course aims at revising and honing predictive skills through predictive techniques & matching of horoscopes. Analysis of important horoscopes is done and basic texts of astrology are studied. It is mandatory to write a thesis & complete a project.

Jyotish Maharshi

This programme is meant for research. Collection of data and research are the aims. To verify the theories described in ancient texts and to formulate new principles are the main objectives.